ASR Emitter II Exclusive question

Just got one of these and was wondering what platforms/feet you guys have used/recommend etc.. Any difference with power cable upgrades on the power supplies?

Thanks for any advice/info
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My advice would be to leave the control unit and 2x power supplies on their own feet. I noticed very little difference as they are so heavy they possibly dampen any vibration themselves. The battery supply i have sat on some no-spikes, though again there was little change. Power cords, input stage leave as standard as you wont hear any change, its mostly disconnected from the audio circuit. The power supplies i'm thinking there was a small improvement, nothing dramatic though. Same cable used on cdp was Dramatic.
Enjoy what the Asr can do, it is very very special. I honestly haven't heard an amp like it.
thanks - thats what I was looking for. It's kinda nice having equipment that doesn't change with EVERY little tweek - that can tend to drive me crazy - always searching... I tried several different footers on the powers supplies(they are on Adona stands) & battery unit last night and with every footer there was either no difference or worse...
I just need to get a platform for the main unit - it's on carpeted floor sitting on tiles - no room in the rack.

One thing that did make a HUGE difference was using the direct input instead of balanced from my Modwright Transporter - my goodness was it better and this with very inexpensive RCA's.
Yes, the direct input is well worth using, it is substantial, even though through the input selector relays it is still fabulous. I have tried several rca's, from Audioplan(excellent), Harmonic Tech(nice but just ok), Transparent(dead),to Valhalla,(top of the list though testing a possible alternative with so far good results. How many hrs do you have on it so far? Is it sounding effortless yet? I assume it's the full gold board?
Hi, I'm going to try some Fusion Audio Interlocker's RCA's soon - should get them tomorrow. I've used all Fusion in my system for a couple years now and like what they do for me the best.

I do have the gold boards - I got the unit used but with very few hrs so I'm told. I've only had it a couple days so don't have a good handle on what it's supposed to sound like but so far I'm really enjoying it ;)

Ps68: do you recommend leaving the unit in standby all the time or? I usually listen every evening.

Yes Tony, leave it in standby.. Let us know how you get on with ic's. My test set are getting better, i'll swap back to the Valhalla next week and report back on changes.

Absolutely stunning...have had the Emitter II exclusive for about 3 months now...nothing to complain ! Absolutely effortless & no need for any platform / feet, although the ones here are on a Loval rack system. Cables I would not bother to change, hardly any difference.

Good choice...enjoy :-)

Pleased you are enjoying your Emitter 11 too..

Any other Asr user's here?

Hi all, I use the Copulare 'platform' for the Emitter II,
TT, Basis Exclusive and Marantz SACD and one much cheaper
stand for the transformers and batterys. No need for other
power cable. The Basis Exclusive is connected with 'direct
input' (balanced) and the Marantz to 'tuner'(RCA).
I should order more balanced connectors but even from the Netherlands where I live it is not easy to transport the Emitter II to Germany. I.e. my carts (Ruby3,Phase Tech P3g)
as well as Marantz sound much better with balanced connection but I prefer to listen to my Lp's so the choice was not difficult.

I'm a more than happy owner of an ASR Emitter II Exclusive driving a pair of B&W 802D and the source is a superb EmmLabs CDSA SE with the last transport. I agree with those who consider the Direkt Input as the best sounding input. So, I urge to change my AudioQuest Sky XLR interconnects. Any suggestion? Paul: what RCA cable are you using or intend to use after your testing?

-- Ale
I've been using a KCI Silkworm II RCA - superb sounding cable. Brings a slight bit of warmth that I like(expecially coming from a full tube system). The cable is 24k gold - not plated - very detailed and rich but not slow sounding at all.
Mantis: Thanks for your suggestions. As far as speaker cables, are you using the JPS with a JPS jumper? Another curiosity: were did you put the 4 ASR boxes?
-- Ale
Ale, I am using the JPS with a jumper to the bass. I was going to put my ASR on top of a rack but it's just to big so I bought an HHG amp stand made of wenge rails & walnut posts with a granite insert. I was suprised to find that the HHG stand tightened up imaging a bit. I'll put some updated pics of my system up soon or just start a new virtual system.
Hi Guys,

Ale, Glad to hear you are enjoying your Emitter as well.

The RCA leads i am using match the effortles bandwidth nature of the Emitter so well, the Valhalla and Audioplan's were good/excellent, but this one i build myself opens up the lower frequency range beyond what the others can do, and seperation is better too, resulting in a truly beleivable 3d full scale presentation. I call it the Class B52. I will be producing it, as i think it's really very good. There is a photo on my system page i think.

Let us know how it goes, always good to hear experiences from other owners of our favourite components.

Regards to all,

Hi ASR users,

One tweak strongly recommended - REM8 from Acoustic Revive. (I ought to get a commission from AR for this or atleast one or two more REM-8s for free :-) , but no affiliations whatsoever - for the records!!!)

It is not cheap, but I tell you, once you try it, you will not give it back to the dealer ! Simply place it on Acrylic cover face down on the Emitter & you will see the noise being sucked out & the Bass simply expand !!! Astonishing... I suspect all those caps simply are not so nice for EMI.

Try it for yourself, maybe it is just me who is attracting all the noise ;-) It says the REM8 is to be placed near Transformers, but it works just as well on top of the Acrylic cover of the main amp. The p/s are anyhow covered with metal plates, so maybe the effectivity is not that great. Probably something like the Shakti Stone on TOP of the p/s units could help, I guess.

Any experience ?

Interesting product, did you try it underneath?
I will see if i can source one for trial, also their other products could be interesting?

Yes, underneath works as well. I have a suspicion it might even be better in some cases, but yet to be checked. But on top is simply easier, as you have to remember to turn it off (i.e if you are interested keep the battery alive longer). Actually what would be interesting is to check what would happen if one moves it into the P/S section, below the metal covers & just above the Transformers, for which these are actually designed...uhm...something for this weekend !
I compared the balanced vs the direct input using the same type of cable (2 AudioQuest Sky, one XLR and another RCA). No doubt that the direct input is sounding more natural and relaxed.

On another matter, did anyone tried to change the power cords powering the two Power Stations (i.e., the two PCs from the PS to the wall)?
-- Ale
Can't comment on the power cords, but can confirm the RCA direct vs. XLR connection observation. Using the Platinum Eclipse interconnect & the PE LS cables, just gives outstanding clarity, with an increased sense of musicality...much more natural.

Yes, would be curious too hear if someone tried the TESLA power cords from Synergistic Research ?
I replaced the stock Magic power cables on the power supplies with the Kaplan HE cables with copper plugs. Very nice improvement - music is much more relaxed and smooth - still very detailed but with more warmth and absolutely no loss of detail - with these cables the system draws me in much more. The Kaplan are a very good price too - expecially in the crazy priced power cable world...
Mantis, the ASR stock PCs are not Magic, they rae very thick PCs, made by ASR with silver wires and copper plugs.
Casouza: Indeed, you are right, but they are called "Magic power cords". Already another ASR user told me about changing the stock PCs (he has now the Aural Symphony) with better results. Myself I tried to test the Magic cord (the one with the standard IEC used to power the ASR battery) against other aftermarket PCs (Silent Source and White Gold) and the impression is that the Magic cord is not up to the level of the other cords. They sound less relaxed than the other two cords being harder in the extreme frequency ranges. So, I'm also considering changing them. I think it's worth trying.

By the way, thanks for your suggestions we exchanged via email. You were absolutely right!
Artale, in case you didn't know but when the ASR is out of energy saving mode the battery supply is completely disconnected from the wall - of course it's not charging either but with 100hrs or so of reserve I've haven't found that to be a problem. In other words, I wouldn't bother changing the battery supply cable unless your in energy savings mode most of the time ;) I have my unit set to never enter energy mode (set to 0 from the factory 35).
Mantis: The comparison was done on my EmmLabs CD player.
-- Ale
Ale: gotcha ;-)

can anyone tell me if there is any useful life for the battery power supply? when do i need to change it? Recently my battery power supply seems not functioning well. The green lids disappear, the temp is running a bit high. Can anyone tell me what is the problem? thanks in advance.
Just write to Mr.Schäfer (at ASR) & he will surely give you an answer.
Good luck
I am getting the ASR Emiiter 1 with battery and have the Zu Audio Presence speakers that are 101 Db and 16 Ohm. Zu claims the damping factor must be < 10 and the ASR is 600. Having it's own 100 W sub amp in each speaker and running sub out from the ASR I would think would sound great. Zu tells me the bass will be dry sounding.

Any thoughts?
The ASR Driving the Zu speakers is outstanding in every area. The amp drives the subs with authority and with ease.
Glory, pleased to hear that your Emitter 1 is delivering the sonic excellence they are known for, mine is certainly a long term component now.