ASR Emitter ii Exclusive

Anyone have any opinions as to whether or not an ASR Emitter ii Exclusive would be able to drive a pair of MBL101E's?
I just heard them yesterday drive Kharma Exquisite Midis. It really brought them to life. It would be hard to think that they could not drive the MBLs.
I have the Emitter 1 exclusive and it's a very strong amp with lots of current delivery capabilities...the Emitter II is double the power...hard to believe it couldn't handle any load...but the MBL is tough for sure.

I've found the ASR folks very responseve and direct...they will probably know better than anyone and I'd assume have experience with MBL.
What's the difference vs 1 exclusive vs 2 exclusive?
I have just bought the Emitter II exclusive blue version . My current amps are Mark Levinson 33monoblock that are on 220 Volts 40 amp breakers each . The Emitter has deeper bass, is more dynamic has better transients and a way better soundstage presence. I have been using Watt Puppies 5.1 with the AR LS1, CAT and the Calypso . The watt puppy are probably an easier load to drive but the Emitter has plenty of juice to make them sing . Good Luck
I presume u are not using a sep pre-amp..?
Aren't these things battery powered?
Only the line stage
Well, yes and no. The amp side runs on two separate power supplies one for each channel. They are heavy ,at 70 lbs each. The battery is only for the input stage. This units weight is around 45 lbs. When the unit is OFF or in STANDBY the battery is in the charge mode.
When the unit is in the ON (position one or two , the unit has two volume positions) the battery is then being used for listening. The battery is then diconnected from the line voltage charger via a relay. This way no ac in the unit to screw things up in the line stage.
so the power supplies aer external and thus we are dealing w the amp, battery supply for line stage, 2 external power supplies and thus 4 boxes?
Yes you are right . Total of four boxes. The Emitter has three cables each about 5/8 thick leading from the rear of the unit to each one of the boxes. These cables cannot be disconnected. Then each of the 3 boxes gets plugged in to your ac line, ASR provides two of the ac mains lead but you need provide your own for the battery.
the darTZeel preamp and amp are configured similarly to the ASR Emitter II Exclusive. the dart pre is battery powered, includes a phono stage, uses a propritary connection system (50 ohm BNC cables) between pre and amp, and then has an AC powered amp.

there is a separate small charging box for the pre; then the pre and amp(s) are in similarly sized chassis. i am using 2 dart stereo amps in vertical bi-amp configuration.

i am listening to a pre-production version of the dart pre in battery mode; and am blown away. it will be interesting if/when someone is able to compare the ASR and darTZeel 'systems'.

IF the ASR is similar or maybe even better than the darTZeel i can understand what all the fuss is about.
Mike, I don't expect that will ever happen do you? Certainly once HP has spoken, TAS is not going to do any comparison. Maybe a European journal will do it.
i would certainly be 'game' for it if anyone has a spare 'ASR Emitter II Exclusive' sitting around they want to ship me.


since the dart is Swiss and the ASR is German i would expect these similarly focused products to cross paths soon.
There is also the Einstein gear.
The Emitter I exclusive has roughly half the output power of the (the "I") uses one of the same SS external power supply for the amplification stage and and the same battery supply for the pre-amplification stage.
These are seriously good is the Dartzeel combo im sure.
This combnation of well done nattery supply for the pre-amp and SS for the amp stage looks like a winner.