ASR Emitter and Dynaudio

Im interested in sinergy between these two brands...has anyone heard any ASR integrated with Dyn speakers...describe model of speakers, amp and elaborate the sound characteristics...tnx
I am a happy owner of sapphire and a asr emitter 1 exclusive. Tehy are a good match. Everything is in place. Very good bass, treeble is very natural, and the mid band is breath taking. Very precise, wide and deep sound stage. In this combo your are sitting on the 10th row of the concert room. If it does your choice it is a very good match. But if you like to be in the stage look any other amp. I am quite sure about my mentions about the sound is about the asr because sapphire are very very neutral speakers, they gave you what you feed. If you have further questions, glad to answer. Also you can check my equipments from my system link.
Nice system.I believe what you wrotte
Wow those Sapphires is gloss black really look nice

Have you decided which Dyn's yet? I remember you asking about the C1's
Altanpsx thanx you on your response...something similiar was said to me by Mr. Hoffmann from Dynaudio team...very powerful amp is ASR...real my final choice would be ASR 1 exclusive...there are very good integrated on the market but this "integrated" has some monstrous specs... as i see ASR beats many separates and it is amp that has neutral has best SS and tube caracteristic in one by my opinion i dont like colored sound at all and i guess it will sound by my taste, neutral natural and correct and you only confirming me everything that many people said bout ASR, including the reviewers...speakers that i plan to buy are Focus 380 and are also very neutral by caracter and very comunicative, also one of the owners said exactly they are strong as your weakest link...Xti16 my friend...i havent decieded yet bout the speakers...i would like to buy Focus 380 and finish it once for all but im not sure how speaker will act in my worry that my room will be maybe to small for focus although its case that focus dont get along with my room acoustic i will take C1 signature...but most important for me is that ASR has good synergy with debating on some things with my dealer but by the end of this year i will make my choice regarding the speakers for i will contact when i get the not sure to take piano black or rosewood guess i will not make mistake with any choice...Altanpsx one more thing...i listen to wide spectre of music so can you tell me how your combination reacts on electric guitar and some heavyer more dynamic sure that acustic instruments are lifelike sounding but im not buying amp and speakers for one type of music...if you know what i mean...i dont need one trick pony...tnx in advance
The Focus 380 should work in your room especially if you put them on the short 4.6m wall.
thats where i meant to put them in first place...but i think i will treat my room acousticaly with apsorbing panels, bass traps and that kind of stuff to sound properly becuz most floorstanders are harder to integrate in the room than monitors...p.s. great system Altanpsx
.i listen to wide spectre of music so can you tell me how your combination reacts on electric guitar and some heavyer more dynamic music

I think it would react fine,just depends what is behind amp and dyns .My opinion based on my experncience with contour s1.4 and c1.Bryston bda-1 helps very much enjoy electric guitars,sound very nice and real.So that why agree with opnion "sound is about the asr because sapphire are very very neutral speakers, they gave you what you feed"
First of all many thanks for your kind opinions about my system.

Raindog031 i frequently listen jazz, classic and opera. IMHO if any system can produce large orchestra like in classic music, it can produce anything verywell. I listen rock also, even some metallica, iron maiden etc. i did not feel any disturbance about them. But things is very clear asr+dynaudio produce live music in extraordinary fashion. After that when you listen pink floyd you start to curse the recording(not the system). Generally my rock records are not in audiophile class. I do not if there are any. So my best suggestion would be to you to audit by your recordings if it is possible. In general speaking i am quit satisfied about what am i hear in rock/hard rock/heavy metal. But i am not very qualified listener in this genre of music. Jazz and classic i am very confident about what i hear. I am also think that focus would be fit in your room very well. C1 is a very capable speaker but i think that you will look for a subwoofer in the future to get the slam you need in rock. So maybe at the end of the day you will spend c2 price, maybe but maybe it will be wise to look for an first/second hand c2 would be a wiser move, of course it is budget issue, i have just shared my opinions.
"IMHO if any system can produce large orchestra like in classic music, it can produce anything verywell." - i agree with your point Altanpsx...but not on audiophile Floyd pressings, maybe your system is highly clinical on bad recordings, try Japan virgin-vinyl editions of Meddle, Animals, Atom heart mother and then tell me the difference...about the Focus and C2...Focus is almost double cheaper speaker than C2mk2 and has 20cm bass drivers while C2 has 17cm bass drivers and nevertheless that C2 diggs 2hz deeper than Focus, larger drivers means bigger-deeper sound...ive heard from few C2 owners that speaker opens up a larger bass only when listen loud levels and that subwoofer is desirable...for me considering the cost of C2 and Focus, Focus is no brainer...3 way speaker that does it all...yes i will give up of a piece of refinerment in sound in a favor of no need of subwoofer on the other hand my budget will be stretched so in this moment C2 is out of my range...i just need a decent amplifier that will push the speaker to maximum sonics...and now im sure that ASR will get the job done...will do some listening sessions in a few weeks...Altanpsx you are one more owner of dyn-asr combo that comfirmed me a excellent synergy...thanx...