ASR Emitter 1 , Does can drive B&W 802d ?

I want try B&W 802d with ASR Emitter 1 but i'm not sure ,
can it drive the 802 ? some says, it would can, but i heard
it with manger 107 that it is 200w in 4 Ohm & it almost drive it but near the maximum out put! & can it drive 802
500w in 8 Ohm & 90db ?
i need your experience thanks a lot
thanks for all answers
I suddenly went to a trip to see one of my friend , when i found that he got ASR emitter 1 to try with willson
Maxx4 recently !
he wants to go for emitter 2 but emitter 1 easy drived Maxx !
you were completely right , emitter with maxx , manger107& 109 treats in same way with almost same volume !

i write moor when will try it soon
Good luck
I drive 801Ds with an Emitter 1. It has no problem shaking the room if that is what you desire. I've not heard the Emitter 2 but have no wish or urge to upgrade. It is an excellent amp with great resolution and control. It replaced a Pass X350.5 for me and before purchase I compared Lamm 1.2s preferring the life and tonal variety of the Emitter 1. If it can drive 801's it will drive 802s I think.

Thanks man
I think you are right.I will receive them about
two weaks later. What about your cable experience ?
I am thinking to cardas