ASR Emitter 1 , Does can drive B&W 802d ?

I want try B&W 802d with ASR Emitter 1 but i'm not sure ,
can it drive the 802 ? some says, it would can, but i heard
it with manger 107 that it is 200w in 4 Ohm & it almost drive it but near the maximum out put! & can it drive 802
500w in 8 Ohm & 90db ?
i need your experience thanks a lot
thank Audioquest4life
I agree whith moor research to find the best possibility allways! But in
hear i can't find many options to experience different sound .

i like tube sound, but i listen to the complex ,fast music most of the time.
and my interest is the dynamic & fast rendering for best streem separation ...etc.
I inclined to solid state moor than tube but you know that ASR ( almost) known for both dynamic & tube like sound .
I found it almost warm and deep like tube
whith good deep bass . dynamic may be not like very fast solid state but its good & i don't heard many tube amp
to say how much is sound near the tube taste specially
compare it whith famous of them .
some thing that it's not clear for me is the softness of bass ( not a little ) and i can't hear very sharp the bass
attack when for example the bassist play whith pick in
musics that i heard much before !the demo that i heard was :
Shanling T300(whith tube in out put), HiDiamond cable & Manger 107
may be it was matching ? specialy manger , + cable & the tube Stage of source together !!

I want try it whith S1 source & Golden reference Cardas cable Whith 802 to may find that where it was came from !
of course S1 (marantz) isn't a reference source but maybe make change the bass!
what is your opinion about ASR ?
your choice is intresting , be happy whith this wonderful upgrade .
Ps68, please, the 802Ds crush the Martin Logan Spires any day of the week. I demo'd the MLs and couldn't believe how small the sweet spot was, if there was one. Sit slightly off-axis and the entire soundstage was a mess. Bass integration was a joke. Sadly the Spires reminded me of those cheap Bose sat sub systems in terms of bass "integration". I wouldn't pay $2K for the ML Spires, let alone $8K. I'd say the OP has made a fine choice in his speakers.
Hi Ps68
what do you think about ASR bass softness that i said ?
i don't think that it was from ASR !
it's hard to belive that ASR could't have clear precise bass !
what is your experience whith Emitter II?

Your comments regarding the differences in character between the two speaker models in question clearly displays incorrect ancillaries and set up. I do spend time with both models, admittedly in different rooms. The Spire is a truly convincing design, the sweet spot that you refer to is for one listener, as with most esl's, and also many dynamic designs. This is no a design fault, but an indication of the complexity of human hearing. The bass integration is no issue, ML have worked very hard for many years to get this right. With the B&W, this is a design i want to love so much, as it combines many of my own ideals. I have been trying to extract the same level of conviction from a pair of 802's with various electronics, but so far have not achieved this. Hearing them at B&W's factory with Classe amps was good, but not great.

I have also not suggested that Mehrdad try panels, i only suggest that there are better options for the Emitter to drive. Your demo sounds like a very poor set-up, as your comments are not reflective of the products capability.


I have spent little time with Emitter 1, and considerable time with Emitter 2. I dont imagine the 1 to have soft bass. I have a colleague that uses Manger speakers, with Emitter 1 and 2, he is uk distributor for both brands, i can put your concerns to him, and will reply asap.

The Emitter 2 has very well controlled bass, very deep, even with my Spire's, it will shake my room, but always with a tight grip. The Emitter 2 is simply the best amplifier i have heard, there are others that do work incredibly well, but are double the cost. The best input is single ended into the Direct input socket.

Please let us know how you get on?

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