ASR EmiterII exclusive, follow up?

Are there any users of the HP's proposal ASR EmitterII exclusive?
What speakers do you use with ASR? are you satisfied?
is it going?
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Pls excuse my confusion -- but I'm not quite sure what your question is...
If it's about the amp, in general, then I can say I am familiar with it.
I didn't notice any particularities regarding the type or brand of spkrs to use... In fact they seem to drive most things out there.

The worst sonic results I had were with a diy Lowther-based spkr.
{On the other hand, you wouldn't need an Emitter to drive 106db/1m/2,83V spkrs.}

I'm probably missing the essence of yr question? Cheers
Hi Greg. Sure would like to know how the ASR amp compares to the Encore.
I am just asking the experience of ASR users so far, the satisfaction level of posessing such amp according to previous amps and if the posession of ASR justifies finally the triumph article of mr.HP in TAS. Is it so good?
And which is the associated equipment of ASR users (trying to find good matches).
I hope you understand me now.
Ah! There are only two challenges IMO:
a)the price that makes it inaccessible to most mortals,
b)there is no perceptible "bloom" s/where in the audible spectrum (usefully found in the lower mids with many amps) AND it's widebandwidth. So, a harsh spkr set-up will continue to sound harsh -- even though the bass will be well driven (that amp can drive any load within reason).

Associated equip: doesn't really matter, the amp's not a particularly difficult load. Anyways, apparently you can tweak a specific input to match yr source component's driving ability, so the electrical "compatibility" issue is moot. I used an old Symphonic Line cdp as well as a new Burmester and Naim: no problems.

I also used a TT. There the matter of loading was very simple, I did it myself (it was user adjustable on the amp I had).

I can tell you it doesn't much sound like a tube; it sounds a little bit like an old Pass. It's not warm sounding (but then, it's not "cold" either).

I'm sorry Kops, I'm having a hard time explaining -- possibly because I didn;t notice any "distinctive" sonic features...
Short version: it's easily one of the best commercially produced power amps and, chances are, if you can afford it and do buy it, you'll keep it. It's also extremely well built.

Mind you, however, it's NOT diy friendly at all -- so mods are probably out of the question (forget about adding your favourite brand of super caps, etc)! Also let me add that I don't own one (can't afford it) -- I had one on loan Cheers
Thanks Gregm for your reply. I don't want it for diy. The only thing that wonders me it's the VA capacity only 2x700 VA transformers (if I am not wrong).
The price in Europe where I live is lower (I am not sure about the latest exclusive version).
Of course I 've heard the Emitter I which was very good and the Emitter II the simple version (older) with no batteries and less mF.

Any other ASR users please comment.

I have owned the ASR Emitter II HD with Battery power supply and the ASR I HD w. Battery before that. I used them first with Merlins and then with Von Schweikerts.

The ASR II leaves very little to be desired and I have no doubt that the Exclusive will be a small improvement on the one I owned. The developer has very carefully evolved the amplifier over time and I don't expect him to make a mistake on this product.

I can only describe the sound as very smooth, powerful and comfortable. The ASR is in my opinion for long term listening satisfaction. So if you play music usually for hours each session I think you will be very happy with it. It is not an amp that makes you go uh and ah over sound effects fired up for 5 minute demonstration. It does enough, but there would be more "Exciting" amps around than the ASR for that purpose. I would say with more jump factor. I found the ASR to be always satisfying and really liked it. I have replaced it with Audionet Pre G2 and AMP 2 Max, which have just a bit more speed and resolution, but are not maybe that smooth or slightly warm as the ASR.

That is of course only me observations, I hope other ASR owners can say more to fill in the picture. The ASR has a bit of cult following here in Germany and I fully understand why. I miss mine from time to time :-)

Sorry Frankg -- just noticed yr question.
I can only give you a hazy imporession based on memory... the Gryphon is warmer and somewhat "brighter" (pleasant mid-high light). Cheers
Hi Kops
I am EXTREMELY happy with my Asr II . No problems what so ever.
BUT, the list price here in North America is rude compared to that of Europe.
You will find the retail price in Europe to be almost half of what it is here in North America.
Hi Kops

I think this amp sounds relaxed and i mean more like its not having to try too hard. It all seems to be there, in particular all the detail. It defines every note and sound without over pronouncing anything. Each track you play reveals itself for what it is. Get one!

And may I add that the prices of American gear is alsmot the double of US. With dollar soooo low I do not understand this.... day light rubbery. People like Absolute Sound of UK sell their products at a very high price (a pair of Watt/Puppy 8s is almost $45000) and on top of it they are arrogant...
I've heard that the ASR/Merlin combo doesn't work. What are your thoughts?
Hi Tabl10s,

I would think it is not bad, but probably a good tube amp would work even better with the Merlins...


Why use an active pre with the Emitter?? It already has enough gain stages inside...
i own an ASR emitter 2 exclusive 2004 version, it is working with B&W 805 signature. they never sounded so good. the soundstage is glorious, because the amp has a very quiet background (battery powered preamp?).
the presentation looks like some good tube amps, with a lot of air. the music is very liquid effortless, and the pace seems to have lowered.(low distortion?) this easy presentation makes the music relax without sacrifying any macro or micro dynamics, no detail is hidden you can hear a lot of detail without sounding analytical at all (unlike some halcro amp) . it is enjoyable like live music. this amp is very revealing and every change in the system can be heard instantly ( i think that is the reason why some reviewers enjoy this amp, and why ASR does amp for professionnal studios)
by example the asr was not very happy with the highly regarded heavens gate ultra silence speakers cables (i don't know why )
i got mine used for 7700 USD a bargain.
I will live with this amplifier happily for some years.its potential seems only limited by sources and cables.