ASR Basis Exclusive or Audia Flight Phono

Thoughts are welcome when you compare the ASR Basis Exclusive versus the new kid on the block Audia Flight Phono?
I would buy the Io Signature phono stage with dual power supplies instead of both of those.
I recently sold my Basis Exclusive and now have the Audia Flight phono but did not compare the two side by side. IMO the Audia Flight is the better performer but Michael Fremer is correct, to reach maximum performance requires an extended run in period. I purchased an Inverse RIAA filter from Hagemann (US$49 inclusive of postage) which allowed me to run the unit in via a CD player on repeat. I bought my Audia second hand so not sure how much time the other owner had on it but at 200 hours plus the Audia really hit its straps. The change was very significant as at first it sounded nice but not all that involving. Now it gives a simply outstanding presentation. All sound stage parameters are enhanced vis a vis the Basis and some records I thought were only mediocre now sound truly involving. An LA Four live recording - Scores- I have played dozens of times sounded incredibly real. The Audia seems to pick up the smallest ambient cues giving the performance greater 3 dimensionality. All live recording appear to benefit. Tonally it appears to be very accurate and gives a very full bodied presentation to all acoustic instruments. Excellent dynamics and its the quietest phono stage I have used. It's also beautifully finished. The first owner had never heard it sound its best and I feel very lucky to have picked it up. Do I sound like I'm a fan of the Audia? Negatives? - the impedance plugs are more difficult to use than I think they should be but I found a setting that suited my Orpheus very well and you do have the option of inserting resistors of a specific value if you wish. All in all though the Audia is a class act, an (almost) 1 box solution. You will not be disappointed if you decide to get one.
The Inverse RIAA filter is from Hagerman Technology. Simple but very effective. Apologies for the typo.
I have settled on the ASR. Keep in mind that the signature will integrate differently depending on other components. What may sound highly resolving could be needed in a system that lacks this parameter. And, visa-versa. I love the ASR's neutrality. It does not have any sort of "tubey" signature. And thats great in my case because my pre is a Wyetech labs Opal, and amps (at least for now) are VTL. Cheers.