ASR Basis Exclusive 2010 or Pass Labs XP-25

I'm getting the itch again and am thinking of moving from a ASR Basis Exclusive (latest model) to a new Pass a Labs XP-25. I've been running a new XP-30 preamp and just love it. Have two tonearms so two inputs is a must. Anyone have any experience with both?

Have you tested XP25?
I'm looking for a new phone, I've listened Pass XP-25, wonderful, but too expensive in Italy (over 15.000€ list price).
So I'm looking for ASR basis exclusive, Audia Flight phono or Esoteric E-03 that cost around 1/3 of Pass.
Asap I'll listen Esoteric.
This is a pretty old post, so not sure if you're still looking or already decided?  Am interested in an update.

I'm also looking for a new phono stage.  I'm intrigued by the ASR Basis, as I really want a quiet background and its renowned for that, but all I have are the reviews to go on.  I'm also considering the Pass XP25 and the ARC Ref Phono 2 (I'm looking for used gear). I want at least two inputs, but would prefer 3.  I listened to a Wavestream phono stage Friday and it sounded pretty good on the showroom system, but quite frankly not as good as my system, but that could be system dependent.  I'm going to see if I can borrow it to demo.

VAC is coming out with a new tube phono stage (the Renaissance) that sounds interesting.