ASR basic excl. vs Pass Labs XP15, or vs XP25

Can anyone out there provide their experience and have compared above 3 items?
comparison in: 1:sonic characterstic,
2:price and performance ratio.

Thank you
I have the ASR Basis Exclusive, which is great and has two separate phono stages. I am not sure whether you are referring to this one or the ASR Basic one, which is much smaller and cheaper. I haven't heard the Pass. The ASR is very expensive, as is the 25, but can be found used.The ASR weighs 75 pounds, so is unlikely to be stolen.In this price range you expect excellence so system matching and taste are the deciding factors.
I used to own the ASR Basis Exclusive (battery powered 2-box) and a Pass Labs Xono before that. I have yet to hear or see the XP15 and XP25.

Comparing the ASR to Xono, the ASR is quieter, more dynamic, better at timbre and more refined. The Xono does everything well, but nothing really outstanding. Hope this helps a bit.

At this price range, also consider the Whest Audio 30RDT and 30RDT SE. The SE is more revealing, more dynamic and higher resolving than the ASR Basis Exclusive. Which also means Whest is less forgiving of bad pressings and setup.