ASL "Hurricane" OK match w/'Logan Prodigy's?

Anyone own or heard this combo?

I have the Hurricane's currently driving a pair of dynamic speakers - with incredible results, but was just wondering if the low impedence (typical of 'stats) will give these beast any problems?

Thanks to any & all.
They drive my Infinity RS 1-B's with ease! They are not electrostatics but are planer (emim's and emit's). I am also curious as I am thinking (only thinking right now) of SoundLabs M-1's. I believe "Duke" knows a customer of his that has the 'canes and will be trying them on SoundLabs.

Any word Duke?
Hello Denf,

I called up my Sound Lab customer who was going to try the Hurricanes, and it turns out I got things a little mixed up. He auditioned the Hurricanes, but on a pair of Quads - not on his Sound Labs. He ended up purchasing a Rogue Zeus for his Sound Labs, but he did say that the Hurricanes sounded great on the Quads.

I asked him flat out "how do the Hurricanes compare with the Zeus?" (gosh, between the two of them, they probably have the coolest names out there!) Anyway, he said that he couldn't say for sure which was better. My impression was that the Zeus was easier for him to purchase with confidence because he got an in-home audition on it. I should mention that this customer likes a slightly rolled-off top end, as he says that an extended top end eventually hurts his ears.

While the Quads are an easier load than either the Sound Labs or Martin Logan Prodigys, my guess is that the Hurricanes would work fine on either one, but the combination might not offer the ultimate in top end extension (I don't think either the Hurricane or the Zeus use wide bandwidth output transformers because those drive the price up significantly). You might give Antique Sound Labs a call - in my experience manufacturers are usually quite forthright about what their products can and cannot do. Ask for someone in the technical department, and be ready to describe the impedance curve of the Prodigy to the manufacturer, as that's what he'll ask you about (along with the efficiency).

Best of luck to you,

I have heard Hurricane with Magneplanar 1.6. Truely great match.