Ok I hate to do this to you guys becuase I had another thread going for a headphone amp. But this pre I find interesting becuase it can also be used as a line pre-map. So I thought it could be used in a second system or in a pinch when the main per was down.

Has anyone heard it used as a line pre yet?
sorry to rain on any parades... but build quality beware on ASL products, unless they've really changed over the past couple years...

I have an original MG Head DT (no preamp capabilities) and I do still have it and is excellent sounding for the price... But i have had a number of build-quality related problems, and dealing with divergent is a nightmare
Build quality and reliability of ASL products are both up over the last few years. I have 4 ASL amps, all purchased new and DT versions, that have been 100% reliable. Others have noted the same here. Don't be afraid to buy new, DT-imported ASL products.
Usually we get what we pay for and the MG OTL 32 DT is only $700 so I figuerd it wouldn't be a perfect pre. But ASL has been around for awhile so I'm assuming things are getting better.
I agree with all the above posts. I have the MGhead (original) and had a lot of buzzing in one channel. Fortunately, my dealer knew someone that quieted down the tubes. It sounds great now. I've had no problems since.

I also have a new ASL AQ1001DT integrated, and it is just as much a bang for the buck. The stock output tubes are pretty good. I just needed to replace the input tubes with some NOS. The sound I get out of it makes it a real bargain. The reliability of this new unit has been flawless.
It appears ASL may have improved their quality control. This is good, because they make excellent sounding products for low $$$!
I have an MGhead (original) and have had a lot of distortion difficulties. Divergent told me to replace the tubes, which I did but continue to suffer from static in the left channel. I got in touch with them again and they told me the problem is "back emf" and a filter for same should fix this? I haven't tried this fix yet, but I'm not convinced.
Ngellner - Based on my experiences with Divergent, they are about as useful as a brick when it comes to service. Take your amp to a qualified place that works on audio equipment for repair, and don't waste your time with divergent. If I remember correctly, it took them upwards of 6 months make a simple fix on my MG Head and get it back to me, with me constantly contacting them to try and expedite the process. They are blacklisted from my "will do business with" book forever.
You know the comments in this thread are quite - black and white - they remeind me of certain cell phone companines. Some people swear at these companies and some swear by them :)

Riddle: Can a life long Chevy owner really expect to keep his first Ford running properly?

Oh well I am seeing some passion, some hatred for this company. But what I'm not seeing is anyone telling me about the sonic qualities of this pre.

I just wanted to note, I have the headphone preamp & broke my RCA input jack by having a cleaning stick break off inside (My own doing). Divegent Technology (Tash) was nice enough to send me RCA jacks free of charge for me to switch them out. They were very helpful on other occasions as well.