ASL MG Head DT OTL mkIII Headphone Amplifier

Any know how good this device is? Any other headphone amps you like better? Thanks

There are so many headphone amplifiers these days, it really comes down to personal choice. The best place to look is at in the amplifier forum.
I thought the ASL was a little to "tubey" for my taste. IMO, the Audiovalve RKV is a great amp. Lots of pace, drive, and rythym, and it uses relatively inexpensive tubes.
I agree with Swampwalker in most respects. I actually like the tube quality of the MG head. I also think it has good synergy with the Senn hd600. I bought the Grado RA-1 to go with my Grado RS1s and the RA-1 sounds better at about the same cost. They also make a RA-1 with more power to drive the Senns.

There are different amps though, and it might be hard to narrow down without side to side comparisons.

Good Luck!
I've had the ASL MG Head MK III (I like a lot of Divergent Technologies gear, but they could use a poet-in-residence to help with product names) for just about two months now, and absolutely love it with my Grado 325 golds. It is my first serious taste of the SET sound, and I find it quite magical. The sense of living air around the music, the resonant detail; wonderful. Before that, I had a perfectly competent MF X-Can; but for me, the ASL SET tubes with headphones is a match made in heaven....