ASL Hurricanes vs Tenors - which are better?

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Let me know what you think?
Rb99: They have never had either of the amps. Salvatore has it in for Tenor and it is well publicized.

Keep em comin!
Just my $.02, but I have owned the Lamms, the Tenors and the ASLs and the TWO things I can tell you are: (1) the guy in your site rating the gear once rated the Rockport Sirius III and admitted he had never even heard it; and (2) anyone who says the Hurricanes DESTROY the Tenors either tried the Tenors with inefficient speakers or has a flair for exaggeration. Can one "prefer" the Hurricanes over the Tenors? Sure. But "destroy?" Not likely.
Rb99, i think that Arthur is right on with many of his perspectives. he blows away many of the myths of high-end audio. but even though he is refreshingly forthright with his opinions......some of what he writes is less than fully justifyable.

in this case he relates opinions of his 'associates' that have heard these various amps......without any context whatsoever of the circumstances of these experiences. he compares the 15 watt Tenors and 75 watt Tenors when, IN FACT, no consumer has had both amps. there is no information on the speakers that these amps (the Tenors and ASL Hurricanes) were compared on......which in the case of any OTL would be a considerable issue.

the reviewers that Arthur so strongly takes to task on his website would never post opinions on amplifiers without a context of speakers that were used or even the system and listening biases of the reviewer. quick and easy has it's place but not when you are generalizing about comparitive performance. Arthur writes quite strongly about amplifiers he has never personally heard.

Arthur's biases in terms of amplifiers is toward the Jadis type of sound......which disqualifies him in my eyes as having much value (as an amplifier reviewer) as i consider the Jadis very colored. i am not saying i am correct......just that his reference and mine are different.
Arthur likes mostly older circut designs.....which in itself is no problem......but over time designs improve (at least to my ears).

a few months back i think i invited you to bring your Hurricanes over to my home to do a comparison with the Tenors.....the offer still stands.
I note that you have a pair of CAT JL-1 LE up for sale. Did you have a chance to compare these to the Tenors (75 or hybrid)? Very curious as Arthur raves about the CAT's on his site.
How can anyone compare a Canadian product to a Chinese product? Never heard either, so this is based purely on jingoistic concerns. Insofar as being worthless, my comments are directly in line with just about everything Arthur Salvatore has ever put in print. Can anyone believe what Mr. Salvatore has to say? I sure can't.
Kleech: The CAT JL1 LE amps are really great. They are rock solid in control and very musical. The Tenor amps are faster sounding, more open and transprarent, and have greater frequency extension. Two different sounds.
I had both amps in and out of my system for over a month using Verity Parsifal Encores for speakers. There wasn't any part of the musical presentation in which I preferred the hurricanes. I also had a quite a few customers come through the shop and take a listen, they too picked the Tenors. I wanted to like the hurricanes (save alot cash)but,for me the Tenors just get it right. If all I listened
to was rock,then maybe my opinion might change, but mostly
jazz and classical in my shop.
Thanks for your comments.
PBB, "How can anyone compare a Canadian product to a Chinese product?" Why not ??

I never consider where the product was made,if they are good for my ears,i'll buy it.
Audio999- So where are your bose speakers made?? :^) j/k
Tireguy,mine was made in Nepal,yours ?
¡Hecho en Mexicó!
I own the Tenor 75 WPs. After hearing about the ASL Hurricanes I obtained a pair to listen to in my system. While for the money the ASL was a good amp, it did not compete with the Tenors in my opinion. My comparison was done on a pair of Talon Khorus X speakers which the Tenors did not drive well in my big room. The only thing that the ASLs did better was offer a little more control. While I liked the control, the overall sound of the amp did not impress me versus the Tenors. I latter heard that there was a different version of the ASLs and I also listened to that version in my system,with the dealer. He ended up taking them home and agreed that the ASL was not a match for the Tenors. This was also on the not very efficient Khorus X speakers. I have since gotten a pair of Firebirds with a diamond tweeter (much more efficient than the Khorus X). This is the closest my system has ever sounded to live music. Matched with the right speaker (efficient speakers)the Tenors are awesome if you can afford them. If my budget was lower, the ASL is a good amp but it was not my holy grail.
I am anxiously awaiting a demo of the Firebirds.

Great comments everyone. Thanks.