ASL hurricane vs rogue 150 vs conradjohnson 140

Has anyone compare the above amps? ASL probably is least reliable but can they best rogue 150 & CJ 140 as far as base control and sound quality?
Speakers are JM lab utopia BE
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His "Extreme" Hurricanes are very likely what you're after. The new V-caps are extraordinary (I have them in a Response Audio-modded preamp). The "Extreme" mods are a total makeover and all reliability issues in the stock unit are addressed as well. I'm having Bill mod a pair of stock 805-based SET monoblocks in similar fashion, so impressed am I with his preamp mods. I have custom loudspeakers with Focal and PHL drivers (including the Audiom TD-5 tweeter which preceeded the Beryllium model) and have found that they have seemingly unlimited musical potential. Your loudspeakers will amaze you with amplification of similar quality. I had Rogue 120 Magnums in my system a few years back and found them pleasing, but too slow and "tubey" for my taste. Never heard CJ amps.

Best wishes with whatever choice you make.

Well Well Well. Ive owned all you mention. For my dollar Id get the Rouge120's. MUCH more lowlevel detal and faster then the hurricanes. At my dealer, I had the 120's asked about the hurricanes, dealer said dont bother.The 150's are completely diffent sounding the the 120's, Better midrange, Smoother, but to me Less exciting. Hurricanes are very great but tend to get boring unless you have a very lively fron end. There is a very expensive mod for these but then the price is way up there and you could move on.
If I were you id get the hurricanes over the 150's. Never had a problem with mine hurricanes Bias is a breeze ( It dosent drift at all like some say. Very nice amps.
I ended up with Rogue Zeus.Still miss the 120's speed. Looking to purchase the 120;s for Biamp set up. Only used non magnum. Id listen to both. read reccomended componants.
Thanks guys. I am afraid extreme hurricane is out of my leaque.

so u have actually owned the hurricane and u recommend the hurricane over the rogue 150 but u prefer 120 over both.

How was the CJ 140?