ASL Explorer 805 DE/JM Lab Alto Utopia combo????

I am considering the Antique Sound Lab Explorer 805 DE 50 wpc tube amps as a second/just playing around set of power amps for my JM Lab Alto Utopias. They are currently driven by McIntosh 501's and I want to give the tube thing a whirl. I chose the ASL amps because of their price. Any comments regarding this combo are welcome.
I think the bass will suffer but give it a shot. Just be sure you go easy on the volume control.

>>I chose the ASL amps because of their price.<<

That speaker dips to about 3 ohms and has a minimum power requirement of 40WPC.

For the same price, about $2000 used, a better choice IMO is a pair of Rogue M-120 Magnum. Better power supplies and more horsepower. Not to mention the relability issue.

Good luck.
Thanks, guys. My main concern was when this amp would "run out of gas". I chose this one over the Monsoon or Hurricane amps(both are @2000 used) because it is SET. I am not too familiar with the Rogue M-120 other than just what I have read on Agon. I figured if I was going to experiment with tubes, I might as well go SET. If many of you feel that the SET amps are underpowered for the Alto Utopias,I may go in another direction.

Thanks again
I'm not sure your problem would be strictly power, but that impedance dip is likely to diminish the bass performance of the SET. That speaker would seem to need SS or a powerful tube amp with current. Nothing wrong with the amp, just not an ideal match with your speaker IMHO.
Tried Diva BE with ASL 1009-845 and results were good. Better than the canes and the tweeter integrated well with the midrange. Textures was excellent as well. Bass is not krell like but not deficient. I thought Diva is not the strongest in bass so Alto is hopefully better.