Asking price for Argon2 pair in near mint cond?

Hi everyone,

I have a pair of Amphion Argon2 bookshelf speakers (black) purchased new in late 2006, and in near mint condition, except for some trace scuffing on the bottom surfaces. They function as new and have always been pampered, never driven hard. Can someone tell me how much they would be worth at this point? I'd like to sell the pair, but I don't want to over or undercharge.

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Look at A'gon bluebook????
try 50% of the current retail price but be prepared to take 40%
Thanks! I was unaware Audiogon had a bluebook, but I'm not a member so I can't see those numbers. The 50% figure sounds reasonable, with 40% being livable.
Do the following calculation: Original MSRP less 20%, less 40%. MSRP does not include any sales taxes originally paid. Assumes you have all original boxes and packing materials, including manuals. Also, assumes the units have never been serviced and warranty registered. Forget BlueBook, it is bogus in that no actual sales are in its base. BlueBook prices are formula driven based on MSRP.
I bought a pair, in Birch, perfect condition, set up for bi-wire for $600 four months ago. Asking price was a grand.

They're not well known, so market is small.

And tighten the allen screws on the woofers.