Asking for help choosing my headphones

I'd be happy if you help me find my headphones
I bought a Linsoul Tripowin x HBB headphone after reading a lot of recommendations about it and did not like the sound that probably does not suit my taste {too much brightness and lack of bass} I probably do not like a balanced and neutral sound those with more bass ...
I will give you some parameters / settings by which you will help me choose my headphones
1. Wires {not Bluetooth}
2. Inside / inside the ear
3. Standard headphones {as in the models at the end of the post} or IEM headphones
4. Clear and clean sound if the bass is a little louder than the natural bass but not kicking or thundering
5. Up to a price of $ 100
Until now I have used JBL's wired headphones and I liked their sound signature. I would be happy if you could help me find headphones with a similar sound signature but a better sound ...


I have included here some links to the models of headphones I found, you can recommend me what suits my taste best from them or if you know headphones with a similar sound, if you can write here ...
Thank you!!!
I wrote this post on Google Translate from another language so some may not be so understandable ...

סופי E3000




‏B&O Beoplay H3


‏Marshall MODE EQ