Ask the local curmudgeon (me) anything related to tech or liquor. :)

I don't know that much about liquor, but I know what I like.


Maybe this could be applied in some way to preferences in liquor. A friend who lives on the Texas Gulf Coast is fond of saying, "There are two kinds of beer, warm beer and cold beer, and I like both of ’em."

 Why is Jim Beam owned by the Japanese? Why have the Japanese become obsessed with whisky and cats?

 Personally, I prefer a little of the original green label Jack.
Japanese like to make money .That's why per-capita they are richest people in the world .
The USA is richest country but 45% of the people can't come up with 500$tomorrow .
I'm the richest man in the world. I have one quadrillion dollars. Says so right here on this Zimbabwe dollar bill.
I don't drink often. But when I do, I drink a lot.
Stay thirsty my friends.