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I don't know that much about liquor, but I know what I like.



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And talking about fine Irish whiskey ...

Two-lifetime friends are in the hospital. One, O’brian, is on his death bed. His best friend McNeil is by his side, holding his hand, comforting his best friend in his final few minutes.

O’brian in a very weak voice, slightly above a whisper, says to his friend: ... "McNeil, my dearest old friend, I was wonderin,’ would ye do me a favor... After I go, will ye get a bottle of the finest Irish Whiskey and sprinkle it over me grave?"

McNeil responds: ... Sure laddie ... but I was kind of wonderin’ would ye mind if I filtered it through me kidneys first?"
^^^ "Everything in moderation" is a good motto to go by. Unfortunately, there are those who are prone to addictions and must be under the influence of their drug of choice (including alcohol) in order to have a good time. 

That reminds me, I'm almost out of Single Malt.