Asio4all with Emmlabs DAC2

When I connect my DAC2 using Asio4all I can see in Asio4all configuration only 16bit and up to 48khz.
But DAC2 must support 24бит also.
Who khows what can I do to get 24bit support?
What type of OS are you using for your Music server? Move to
Windows 7, buy a hi grade audio card with SPDIF output
supporting at least 24/192 or better output. Use a Media
player that supports WASAPI. This way you'll know you're
getting bit perfect playback.
Yes, I'm going to do it.
I've just bought Lynx AES16 XLR and want to compare with USB.
I'm using JRiver, but with XP.
As I know Lynx has Asio drivers, so it will be also bit perfect.
I'm not moving to Windows 7 because I'm not sure if Lynx has drivers for Windows 7 and EmmLabs USB works with new OS.
In most cases if the card's driver supports Vista it will support Win 7.
Here's another ASIO driver you can try, though it's not free it works well USB-AUDIO
Thank you very much!!!
Looks like this driver supports 24bit!
And I'll test with Windows 7 also.