Ashes. Snow. Love.

Ever since I was a kid -- which was quite a long time ago now -- I've loved finding a record that so grabbed me that I wanted to listen to it over and over and over again. It doesn't happen all that often, but when it does, it's a treat. It happened for me, to name but two, with "Blood on the Tracks," with "Achtung Baby," discs I spun in the morning, after work, before bed, and again the next day.
I'm sure you've had some of your own. I write this now because I've currently got three! The new one from Ryan Adams, "Ashes & Fire," is a fabulous bit of work from a sometimes maddeningly inconsistent singer-songwriter. I'm starting to think it's his best record yet -- even better than his amazing solo debut, "Heartbreaker." When I'm not listening to that for the umpteenth time, I'm spinning Kate Bush's "50 Words for Snow." None of us could have seen this coming. Two records from Kate Bush in the same calendar year! Just getting to know this one, but it's sounding better with each listen. Finally, and definitely not least, there's Wilco's "The Whole Love," perhaps the best of the lot.
If you've ever cared about any of these three artists,I'd encourage you to check out their newest records. You won't be sorry. I've got time for one before Thursday Night Football. Think I'll reach for Wilco yet again.
-- Howard
Thanks. I loved Kate Bush in the 80's, but just wasn't that interested in hearing the new album. I'll give it a shot based on this.
It is always great to hear about new music stirring the soul. I agree with the analysis of Adams- maddeningly inconsistent. I had given up on him due to the cost of buying from his prolific catalog and his recent somewhat lackluster efforts. Great to hear he is back on track. Record shopping again this weekend! I got the new Wilco recently, and like many of their works, I needed to give it a few spins to let it work on me. I am enjoying it, but wouldn't have it at the top of my favorites for Wilco, but definitely some gems on this one as well.
I was going to say something about the new Ryan Adams release but I was afraid you guys would think I went off the deep end. Call me crazy, but every time I play that CD itÂ’s like I drift off in a haze.