Ascendo C8 Renaissance: any opinions?

I'm considering a pair of Acsendo C8R's but beyond a few paid reviews, I haven't been able to learn much about these seemingly fine speakers. ( I should have studied German instead of Spanish) . I'm wondering how they perform in general as I realize everyone's system is different. I was ready to pull the trigger on a pair of Harbeths (shl5) when I stumbled on these.

Any opinions would be appreciated.

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Thanks to you both for your thoughts. Mechans, I pretty much have to go on the opinons and reviews I read for a couple reasons. First I would have to drive to Boston or NYC to find a dealer that sells anything other than sound bars. Second, It would bother me to waste a dealers time knowing that I'm going to search for used equipment. And in the case of most speakers that have piqued my interest, that's what I'd have to do. I've audited gear when others are shopping, but I just try to be a fly on the wall, and not get in the way. Honestly this approach isn't ideal, but I've only been disappointed once (with a Mc amp of all things).

I realize these are two very different approaches to design. the Harbeth fans are so enthusiastic, that I feel like it's a safer bet. I simply want to sit back and let the music take over. I don't mind a slightly colored presentation, even if it's not audiophile preamp has tone controls, heresy, I know. I do listen a lot at lower volumes (late night, early morning). The reported SHL5 performance at lower levels sounds like what I'm looking for.

I gather that the Ascendo is a cleaner, more detailed presentation, but there's a small part of me that thinks all the money for this speaker is going into the box's fit and finish. An opposed to the Harbeth, which despite its inflated US price, seems to have had more r&d time in getting the sound

Thanks again for the input.