Ascendo C-7 Speakers help.

Hi Guys,
I just bought a pair of ascendo c7 speakers and i am just wowed at the incredible imaging , clarity and tight bass that it offers. My questions are, why is there so little written about these speakers. I have been searching all over to try and find some opinions and referrals about them , but to no avail. I just wnat to make sure that i made a good decision in buying. Is there anyone out there that can tell me anything about them? I still have a week to return them if i am not satisfied. I do love the sound, and have listened to sonus faber cremonas and totem winds as well as b&w speakers, but none came close to the quality of my speakers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I've heard the big Ascendo's and thought they were quite amazing. They are made overseas and consequently have a bigger price tag and lower "footprint" here in the states (few dealers, few owners). Because of this their "resale" value is lower than it would be otherwise, since most people just don't know them and have little opportunity to hear them.

Good luck with your purchase and enjoyment.
Thanks for you input.Thats what i thought would be an issue, the fact that they are from germany.
They are excellent speakers--I have heard a few of their models, and they are true to the music. Ptmconsulting's reason for their lack of notariety are probably right--they certainly do not have that many dealers in the states. Don't let their lack of a US footprint deter you from buying them, if your ears tell you they are what you want.
Thanks.. i was extremely impressed.Considering i listened to many speakers costing as much or more, these just blew me away. I do use all tube equipment, i have vtl mb 125 monos and audio research sp16l, i listen to vinyl mostly , and to my ears and my wifes, besides the fact that they are gorgeous, they sound incredible. I just hope i do not run into issues if i decide to sell them in the future..
thanks for the inputs, very much appreciated!!
Can I ask where you purchased your speakers from and what did you pay for them? I've be trying to find a dealer that has the C7 and C8 to evaluate.
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i had purchased them directly from the us distributer. i paid 4200.00 delivered, nad that included the stands.. Brand new, not demo , with a full 5 year warranty.i listened to the c-8, althought they were amazing as well. i did not hear any huge difference. The speakers are the same built except for the rear firing tweeter.. If you can pick up c7, theyw ill amaze you.iwas completely blown away
If you are interested in a me and i will give you a phone number to the distributer
I heard the C-8 over the holidays and loved it, what a great speaker for all the reasons given above
6moons has a very positive review of the system F posted this month.
Have any of you heard either the C7 or C8 with lower powered tube amps, say 25W/ch or so?
I lestened to both with a 25watt tube amp, ithink it was a dynaco, nothing special, but the sound was absolutley engulfing. I loved both, but for the price difference i stuck to the c-7. and i am still shellshocked!!! i could not see spending the extra money on the c-8 when they sounded so close i could not hear the difference
To ressurect an old thread- I have a pair of old Trinity's that have got to be the biggest surprise of my audio career! Airy, extremely fast (probably the fastest speaker I have ever owned), great detail, great soundstage, good extreme frequency extension. Who knew the Germans made such great speakers. A speaker that reveals all but in a good way. Not to mention well built (about 30 Kilos each). True, they are fussy about placement, but boy will you be in a shock when you get it right- I am not sure speakers in the range 12.000-15.000 can match that.