Ascend towers with Raal owners

Anybody have/had the Ascends in their system? And can you give your opinion of them and the accompanying equipment you used with them?
They are competitive with larger, more expensive speakers using RAAL tweeters, but are bass shy for towers. They definitely need subwoofers, or if your SPL requirements aren't high, you can max bass boost with REW or Dirac Live and you should be OK. What are you comparing them with?
Hi wildfoxinn, not making comparisons, just looking for real world listening experience from those in the know. Thanks for taking the time....
I suspect the best opportunity for you to read about and connect with people that own or have heard the Ascend products with the RAAL are on are a couple links...and you can search for more.  Needless to say, you will find fans and detractors...much like every other speaker out there.
Snapsc, my thanks to you....