Ascend Sierra Towers ribbon or dome

Hi everyone,

Thinking about going with some Ascend Sierra Towers for my main system (shown on my system page). As you can see, it is a 2.0 AV multipurpose system. I think I would definitely go with the RAAL ribbon tweeters if I only listened to high quality vinyl and CD/DVD sources. But I also use a Comcast cable box with below to average source quality.

With the revealing RAAL ribbon tweeters, will my lower quality sources be too fatiguing / unlistenable?

Anyone have this similar 2.0 AV setup with the Sierra Towers?

I've had the Sierra-2 for about 4 weeks, as the new left and right front in my theater system. They replaced a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7's and I now plan to get the center as well, they're that good.

They have about the same level of bass as the Paradigm towers, which is pretty impressive. The bass is more articulate, however, and the ribbon is never harsh or bright/fatiguing. I use the system for tv, movies and music. Since I still have a center that is Paradigm, I can't compare the all important voice channel as much, though I've tried my system in stereo as well.

I have no regrets, but I went with the 2's because I wanted to make sure I got a noticeable improvement, having never listened to Sierra speakers before. These speakers are so clear and detailed sounding, when I really crank it, the room starts to show its limitations before the speakers reach their limits.

I suspect you'd be happy with either model, but if you had both, you'd hear the improvements. So, it may simply boil down to budget for you. I think you have a good point on what you mainly listen to, if it was mainly music the ribbons would be the way to go. But you have a choice, at least it's win win!
Just ordered some espresso satin towers today with the RAAL ribbon tweeter.
Very nice, keep us posted on your impressions/experience. I found Ascend to have top notch service, they really seem to care about every last detail.
Go for the ribbons, the best tweeters out there, and you'll then have a solid basis for later upgrades for the rest of your system (I suggest MJ Acoustics or REL subwoofers to start). The Ascend Sierra Towers are sleepers and a bigger bang for your buck than anything I can think of.
@Vladimir, not sure what else I would upgrade except maybe my bluray player for now. My system sounds quite nice with my Audio Refinement separates and my modded RP6. I wanted some more bass than I was getting out of my Tekton monitors, so I went with the Ascends. Don't think I will add a sub...