ascend sierra tower with raal or Focal Aria 936

I am trying to decide if I should buy either speakers. If someone has demoed both or purchased them can advise which one is better or should I be looking at some other speakers in $4000 range? I want a speaker which does not become fatiguing after a while. I have Parasound A21, Aesthetix Rhea, Audible Illusions L2B and cables are Nordost Tyr and nordost heimdall as speaker cables. I listen to Vinyl almost all the time. Thanks Guys.
Thank you for your response contuzzi. I have read that the top end for focal speakers are too bright. Do you know if that is true? Thanks.
I don't have the towers, but I do have the Sierra 2's. I find them very non-fatiguing. The RAAL tweeter is excellent.
If you heard Focal speakers are bright, you heard that from someone who hasn't heard Focal speakers within the last 5 years or so.  Arias aren't bright at all and neither are the Sopras (properly set up).

I've seen that thread on AVS and I'd take that guys opinion with a grain of salt.  Very novice listener and even he was bothered by the sierras at first and "learned" to like them after all the AVS users convinced him to essentially.

Just find a Focal dealer to hear the Arias at and you'll see.
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