Ascend Sierra's or Energy Veritas 2.2i

I've been deciding on a good pair of bookshell speakers. The Ascend Sierras have stellar reviews and was set to buy them but ran across the Energy Veritas 2.2i for a great price at about $900 (about half price). I couldn't find any professional reviews on the Energy's however.

I also have a concern on the power requirments for the Energys though the specs don't seem to bad. I have Cayin 88T tube amp rated at 22W or 45W depending on mode.
I actually have the A-88T as well and I'm close to in the same boat as you. I am looking at the Sierra-1, VMPS QSO 626 and the Silverline Minuet. I'll have to look up the 2.2i.

I notice you posted awhile back. Did you ever decide? I'd love to hear anyone elses comments as well....
I realize this is an older post - but thought I'd weigh in.

I'm running the A-88T with a pair of Usher X-718's and it sounds wonderful!