Ascend Sierra-1 vs LSA-1 ??

Anyone out there with experience comparing these two monitors ? I've pretty much narrowed down my search to these two, but haven't been able to find any direct comparisons to date. They both get rave reviews from owners 7 the audio mags & online reviews, but i'd like some fellow A-Goners opinions.
The system they'll go into consists of a highly mod'd Jolida JD-100A CDP, highly mod'd Outlaw M-200 monos, Adcom GFA-750 pre-amp, Musical Fidelity M1A DAC & REL T-5 sub.
As a long-time A-Goner this is my 1st time into the Forum, I generally just 'wing-it' with gear & speakers, but this time round I figured I give the 'community' a shot at helping me out, so ahead of time - Thanks to Anyone who responds, appreciated.
Personally I love the LSA-1. Used to own the base model and found it naturally musical. It is not hyper revealing. It is more forgiving of flaws than many audiophile speakers. I have not heard the higher end versions of the LSA-1 (statement or signature) nor the Ascend.
I have owned both speakers, Rmhall, although not at the same time. I found the build quality of the Sierra 1 to be wonderful a the price (gorgeous cabinets) but didn't find the sound particularly moving or impressive. I liked the LSA's a lot, with the caveat that I had the "Statement" version with the ribbon tweeter, although I'm guessing that the overall character of the speaker line is similar.

I eventually moved on to other things, but here's a thread I initiated on AudioAsylum on the Statements:
Thanks to both Rebbi & Artmaltman - appreciated.
Just a thought (?) I'm truly curious about the Hsu Research HB-1/MK-2 horn tweeter monitors ... any experience ?
I've read glowing reviews on these, and at < $450/pr delivered I'm almost tempted to get a pair just to 'check-out'