Ascend Acoustics Sierra Towers with tube or lower watt amps

If anyone has had experience with Ascend Acoustics Sierra Towers — RAAL tweeter or not — I'm curious about your experience with

(a) tube amps and/or

(b) lower watt solid state Class A amps, such as the Pass XA-25.

Any details you'd care to relate are welcome, and thank you.


Do you currently have the Ascends?

I've been interested in these for quite some time.


Sierra is sweet. Seems efficient enough to work with lower powerered amps but I have no experience.





A few good responses from this A’gon Nov ’21 thread, same related Ascend Tower with the larger RAAL tweeter. Lower watt SS amps noted, and some notable tube amps mentioned if you dig through it.  



I'll take a look. I'm thinking hard about these.


In the meantime, I'd like folks to know that David Fabrikant at Ascend has been very generous, detailed, and straightforward in answering *every* question that I have had in a timely and courteous way. Very professional.

We all have different opinions about products, but this is a well-run, solid business. I'm very impressed.