ASC Tube Traps vs. Cube Tower Trap

Has anyone had experience comparing these two products? The Tube Traps would most likely be the 16" size; the Towers are one size fits all. Being a renter, and having to move from time to time, I need something that will work in a variety of spaces, so can't buy based on just the current need. I'm poised to buy a set of ASC's Sound Panels and will follow that up with the traps. The Towers are of some interest because they are more "decor friendly". Any feedback would be appreciated.
Hi Fpeel; I have not compared the two different acoustic tubes you mention, but I do have 5 11" dia. ASC tube traps and 3 15" X 4ft. panel traps. I like the ASCs because of their versatility; when one side faces outward all frequencies are absorbed, but with the other side out, the tube will reflect all frequencies above 200 HZ (and absorb below). And of course if the tubes are turned partially, they will reflect/absorb differentially. It is very easy to hear differences as the tubes are turned, and thus you can "tune" your room to your taste. The panel traps absorb down to 200 HZ (I believe), but do not reflect. The panels are very good at controlling first reflections off walls. If I had it to do over again, I would have a couple of 16" tubes for the corners behind the speakers, but they are quite a bit bigger and more expensive than the 11" ones. Can't help with the cube traps. I don't think they have reflecton and absorbtion sides built into opposite sides though. Cheers. Craig.
Thanks, Craig. Just a couple of quick points. Do I understand correctly that you'd rather have two 16" tubes rather than five of the 11" size? Also, the Cubes do have difussion sides, but being square are limited in how much they can be dialed in (which may have just answered my question regarding flexibility!).

Regarding the sound panels, yours are 15" wide; the "stock" ones are 8" and come in an 8 panel set. In your estimation is there any advantage to the wider panels? My hunch is the greater number of narrow panels would mean more set up options. What does your experience say?

BTW, I spoke with ASC awhile back, but feedback from actual users is always extremely helpful. Thanks again.
One big difference is that the tube trap is tuneable - you can rotate the inside with an allen wrench - for varying degrees of reflection and absorption. The cube trap is not tuneable.
Yeah, Czapp, I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that functionality is going to win out over form. The tube traps are starting to look like the more desireable solution. Being a bachelor I have that luxury... and can always turn them into plant stands if aesthetics get in the way.

Any thoughts on an optimum width for sound panels? Stock or custom (wider?). Audio Asylum's Jon Risch suggests 30" panels for his DIYs. ASC's "stock" size is 8". Input welcome.
I am in the process of getting a set of sound panels too.
I didn't know they came in different widths. I was told they could be spaced on the wall and still be just as effective.
If that's the case I guess it just comes down to aesthetics.
I was going to put 6 of them on the back wall, and use two
for side reflections. The 8" is fine for the back but a little narrow for the sides.
BTW, I have a set of cube towers, custom 5 ft tall, in the corners behind my speakers. I am in a small room, and couldn't get by without them. They really do work.
Hi Again Fpeel; I would just want the 16" tubes in the corners, but would still want two or three 11" tubes for center rear behind speakers (against the wall) or maybe one just behind each speaker. As to the Panel Traps, the 8"W ones you mention are meant to be hung on wall (I think). The 15"W X 5ft. panels I am referring to (and use) are floor standing, lightweight, and are easily moved around. I had to pay extra to get 4 ft. high panels-- they fit better in my room (5 ft. tall is standard). The 15" wide panels are sold 4 per box for (I think) $500. I could use a set of the 8" wall hanging panels also, and then I think I'd be done (there is a "name" difference between the 8"W and 15"W panels, but I don't remember what it is. Also, I don't know if the 15"W panels are on the ASC website yet). BTW, when I opened the box of 15"W panels, I was sort of disappointed as they seemed lightweight and flimsy. But after positioning them, they really did work, and I concluded that I was paying for good science and engineering. Good Luck. Craig.
It's all a bit clearer now. Craig's free-standing 15" panels are most likely what ASC calls the "Planar Trap". The 8" wide ones I mentioned come in a framed "Sound Panel" and a frameless "Sound Plank" (which also comes in a 6" framed version). Craig is right that these are intended to be hung on the wall. I've talked to ASC about all of these products and may add a pair of the Planar Traps later for fine tuning. Thanks for the bonus feedback.

I may have also introduced some confusion into this discussion regarding custom sized panels. ASC does do custom *lengths* in the "Sound Planks" which seem to be mostly intended for industrial applications. I am still unsure if they do custom lengths in the "Sound Panels" or custom widths in anything. Thanks again for the feedback, guys.