ASC Sound Panels

Hey guys. I'm looking towards buying some room treatments. ASC Tube Traps seem to be highly regarded but what about their sound panels? Not too many audiophiles seem to have their sound panels.

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It depends entirely on what you're trying to do in the room. The sound panels are spot absorbers with an absorption frequency range as specified on the ASC website. They won't substitute for bass traps in the corners, won't diffuse in areas where you need diffusion, but will absorb in places where you need additional absorption or have opposite wall reflections to tame. Typical uses are at the back of the room or near the ceiling in high-ceiling rooms. Usually they are used in conjuction with standard tube traps. In general, you should explore the room first and find out where its problems are before investing in specific treatments (reverberation, flutter echo, opposite reflecting walls or floors or ceilings, sound leaking into long hallways etc). Also furniture, curtains, rugs, and bookcases can do part of the same job.