ASC Planar Trap

I recently spoke with Art Noxon of ASC. He suggested a newer product called the Planar Trap. The Planar Trap is reflective and diffusive product designed to look like a planar speaker. It is 60 x 15 x 6 and retails for $150 each.

Has anyone used this product, and if so what did you think?
Hi Dave; I have 3 of the ASC Planar Traps and find them useful for controling high frequency reflections off side walls and other highly reflective surfaces, ie I have one in front of a large hardwood dresser and two on sidewalls. I don't think these were meant to be reflective-- they are primarily diffusors/absorbers. I assume you've looked at the pics at their website When I bought the Planars, I requested a 4 ft. height (for aesthetic purposes), and ASC custom cut them for me (same price as the 5 ft. ones).

IMO, these are kind of fine tuning devices and are not substitutes for the bigger and more effective Tube Traps (for bass control). I also use five ASC 11" tube traps. For $150. At first glance, it doesn't seem like you're getting much for $150., but I think what the customer is paying for is design and engineering as the Planars themselves seem lightweight and kind of flimsy, but they are nice looking and effective in helping to fine tune your listening room, and I can recommend them for that. Good Luck. Craig
Thanks Craig,

Art also recommended the Planar Trap placement be at least 2 ft away from the wall. Did you find this to be the case?

Dave; because I don't have that much room, my Planars are pretty much next to the wall and if I pulled them out two ft. they wood be poorly placed relative to my speakers-- so I can't really answer your question. Last week I did a complete in-room frequency analysis (20HZ to 20KHZ, using Radio Shack SPL meter and Stereophile Test CD2) and I do have very good (ie near flat) frequency response at my listening position, so I think the Planer traps are helping control side wall reflections. Cheers. Craig