As you have moved on, are there any items you remember fondly...or most fondly?

As many on this site, I have had much in the way of the "high-end".  There are, fortunately, many good items I could list that are still in my head/heart....but the two that come to mind quickly are the Thiel CS-1.5 and the Conrad Johnson ART pre-amp.......If I go back to the beginnings the DQ-10 would be one of the most impactful to my audio/hi-fi experience/knowledge.   I don't really have the space right now, but when I do, I may put together a "retro" system for fun and know, kind of like doing a '57 Chevy two door hardtop with a repaint, updated suspension/brakes and a 350 horse 327 with a Muncie 4-speed.....etc...  Although a 288 GTO and tickets to a live performance in Copenhagen would be O.K. too.

Snell K-II speakers & stands
Audio Research LS-2B pre-amplifier
Audio Research Classic 60, V-70 & V-200 amplifiers
B&W Matrix 804 speakers with a Janis subwoofer
Aerial Acoustics 10T speakers
Pass Aleph 0's amplifier
Threshold FET 10E pre-amplifier
Threshold T-200 and T-400 amplifiers
Audio Quest Diamond balanced interconnects and Sterling speaker cables
MIT wires (too many to list)
Meridian 562v digital pre-amp, 518 / 565 processors
Theta Gen VA DAC
Theta Data III CD Transport
Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1 speakers
(not listed in chronological order)
All time favorites - Audio Research V-200 and Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1 speakers because they were the components that introduced me to disappearing speakers and the "reach out and grab it" 3D imaging :-) !
Though the Audio Research Classic 60 will always be "my first"