As you have moved on, are there any items you remember fondly...or most fondly?

As many on this site, I have had much in the way of the "high-end".  There are, fortunately, many good items I could list that are still in my head/heart....but the two that come to mind quickly are the Thiel CS-1.5 and the Conrad Johnson ART pre-amp.......If I go back to the beginnings the DQ-10 would be one of the most impactful to my audio/hi-fi experience/knowledge.   I don't really have the space right now, but when I do, I may put together a "retro" system for fun and know, kind of like doing a '57 Chevy two door hardtop with a repaint, updated suspension/brakes and a 350 horse 327 with a Muncie 4-speed.....etc...  Although a 288 GTO and tickets to a live performance in Copenhagen would be O.K. too.

My pair of Acoustat Fours. A great speaker that needs tons of power. I would love to hear them in my present system. 

Linaeum Model 10. Prominent warm mid-bass, a bit rolled off on top, but a lovely soundstage one listener said, "You're not listening to it you're swimming in it!"
Acoustat 2 + 2. I brought them home with an amp capable of powering them. I couldn’t afford the amp and the speakers, so choose to get the amp first and by the time I paid off the amp no longer had a place large enough for the speakers.
Right there with oregonpapa and ghdprentice. My pair of Acoustat Model 6. Tough on amps but I’ll never forget that sound.
Tandberg TR-2080 receiver, Aiwa AD-6550 cassette deck, Philips 312 turntable, Dynaudio Contour Monitors, Magnepan MGIIIa speakers.  
Pink Triangle turntable with Alphason HR100s and ATOC9, a true beauty in pink, black, silver and gold.
Portal Panache integrated amp, solid state with a very pleasant & relaxing sound
I certainly have fond memories of a system that included the original Bryston 4b, Magenpan Tympani I speakers, a Nakamichi 600 cassette deck, and B&O vertical tracking turntable. But my favorite of the classic components included in that system was an Apt-Holman pre-amp. What a terrific component (hell – I'd use one today!), and beautifully understated in terms of design.
Magnaplaner Tympani 1Ds with 4 Levinson amps and  ribbon tweeter with Dyna tube amp.
Jusam, sometimes memories are best left alone. Returning to the past can be disappointing. I have multiple systems each one serving it's own purpose but when it comes time to sit down and listening to music there is only one system, the best one. The system in the office and the one in the workshop are only for background music. If I had a museum system it would be for display only. I would rather spend my money on improving my best system.
I had a pair of Jensen Imperial horns and a Jensen Imperial Subs..
50 years ago in June.. Kits...Monsters!! The old flat packs were cut from marine plywood surplus. Bottomed out the springs on my 51 Chevy PU, the 3 flat packs.. 125. per cabinet. Local lumber yard in Brentwood CA

The drivers and XO were mail order. 

There were a few set in that town.. Great score.. When the locals sold them..

In order of affection:
Spendor SP100
ANK Anniversary 300b Integrated
Nestorovic 5aS

1979, I bought a Harmon Kardon HK-730 receiver w/ Original large Advents and Technics TT w/ Teac 3 head Cassette deck. I still have the 730 which needs a good cleaning & restoration. It still has a huge sound. I wasn't really an audiophile then . Probably still not cause I don't like the audiophile music. But I loved the way this thing sounded playing the music of my choice
# 2 would be my Nakamichi 680Z. Also the dumbest audio mistake I've ever made. New Year's Day 1995. Yes, I was hungover but that's no excuse. Was outside putting a new battery in my van. Came inside to switch tapes without thinking to wash my hands first. Frozen transport. Not fixable. It currently resides in my attic. Just looks too good to throw away.
Too many to name but here are a few:
1. My first "real" system: Allied Radio speakers (very similar to Klipsch Forte), Kenwood 18 watt SS receiver, Gerrard SL95B TT.
2. Classe 6 preamp.
3. Audio Artistry Dvorak speakers.
4. Onkyo TA-2090 cassette deck.
5. ARC VT-100 Mk-I & Mk-3.
6. Empire 698 TT.


Counterpoint SA-5 preamp and McIntosh MC 240 amp.

Had I known then what I know now, I would still be listening to that - or at least popping them in now and again.

Oh well...
Don’t remember the model number, bought used in 1986 a pair of Maggies, sounded amazing, even through a Sony AVR.  Had kids and gone by 1991. 
My Nakamichi 480, I think that was their most basic model and yet it made the best recordings and playback tapes. I would sometimes listen to the tape of an album rather then the record, and it was sweet sounding. 
Biamped dahlquist dq10’ with double dahlquist subwoofers, with the active dahlquist crossover, driven by 2 GAS Ampzillas.That was a system for the early 20’s grad school me. Oh Yeah, Marantz Model 7 preamp too, modified.
My Precision Fidelity C7 tube phono stage. Designed by Bruce Moore of Paragon 10 and 12 fame - later MFA (Moore, Franklin, Associates). The C7 had a source selector with four inputs and a volume pot so it could function as a passive preamp. I bought it new from American Audiophile in NYC in 1978. $520.
Undoubtedly my Dynaudio Audience 82's. I love my Evokes but damn I remember the very first time I sat for my first in depth listening session after bringing the 82's home and letting them run for about 1 week to break in I was just awestruck! Have not had that kind of experience before or since...Great post!
Back in the good  'ol days....when I was a junior sales rep at the "Electronic Sound" stereo store (great name, right?), I had just enough money to buy the Bang and Olufsen tangential tracking turntable. I remember (probably wrong) that I paid about $650. Funny thing was, that's ALL I owned. No preamp, receiver, or speakers. I plugged it in, it lit up, I could watch it play a record, could hear a slight 'electronic noise'. Imagine my thrill once I bought a class A amp to run my Stax electrostatic head phones! Later combining forces with my best pal who owned the Luxman preamp and the beast McIntosh power amp, we had the perfect lair to bring our latest girlfriends into. The 70's were unforgettable.   
Fisher 450t receiver, AR2ax speakers and a Garrard turntable with a Stanton 251 cartridge.  
The Garrard was disappointing so I quickly purchased a Sansui TT.
Do not remember their model numbers. My ears were young, and those AR’s were amazing!

My Empire 698 TT! Bought new in 1976 from Stereo Discounters in Maryland plus a Microacoustics 2002E electret cartridge for about $400 total. I later changed to a Dynavector 20B homc cartridge. 
Had to chuckle at the multiple mentions of Acoustat... You see, I still HAVE my 1+1s Medallions from new. Never have been able to hear anything to get me to let them go. LOL
Happy listening.
Creek 5350 SE made in England; sold, hastily, after servicing.  I miss that little integrated. 

Totem Arros.  Wife loved them. I now have extra spaces where I could make them work for a small reading nook.  Such a wonderful speaker.

NAD M22 Amp.  Not what I needed for 2 channel listening (I'm all tube based) but would've worked a trick in my media room or basement bar area. 

I seem to always be balancing these two questions: 

Shouldn't we keep this because you're going to be giving it away for an inexpensive price when you could use it "later"?  (Later is not defined or known). 


Do you really want to keep and maintain an audio/hifi museum?  If you don't use it, sell it!
Sonic Frontiers Power 3 Mono Amps, 220 WPC - Pretty awesome
JM Lab Mini Utopia - My first pair, woah...  Much better than KEF Ref 1s
Adcom GFP-750 Preamp - It was pretty good...
Sonic Frontiers Line 2 - Much better than Adcom...
Pass Labs Aleph 5 - My first Class A room heater; what a heater!!  :)
Pass Labs Aleph 2 - These Class A monos were pretty awesome
KEF Ref 1 Speakers - First foray into nice speakers, ehh, pretty good
I had a Sony ES Home Theater 5.1 receiver that I bought in the late 90's that I really liked,  even for 2 channels music.   I think the model was DA777ES.   The mid range of this amp was so sweet.   

After owning it for about 12 years, the entire digital circuit stopped working.  Only analog inputs still worked.   I decided not to fix it and threw it away in garbage.   I kind of regret it now after all these years.

Sony ES line used to be very good.   I don't know what happened to them.   Seems like they have stopped investing in the ES brand.  That's a shame.
In my first system, in 1973, my favorite piece and still is to this day, the Marantz 2270 receiver.  I sold it to a friend to pursue a path for a much greater system.  I wish that I still had that receiver.  It was gem.

My all time greatest and most fond memories of past components was my stack of Accuphase components.  A T-100 tuner, C-200 preamp, and two of the P-300 power amps.  Active dividing network for large Infinity RS-2.5 speakers and a Micro Seiki DDX-1000 turntable with Micro Seiki MA-505 tonearm and Ortofon MC-20 cartridge going through a Luxman SUT.  For the age of just 25 that was one hell of a system.  Everyone wanted to party at my house.  But really, those Accuphase components were the "special" products for me.  I still remember that sound signature, very fondly. 
Am v surprised that no one has mentioned Quad 57s.
Maybe because everyone still has them.
I joyfully lived with mine for ten years. Only sold them to get bass, treble and dynamics. The cosmetic was also an issue. But their glorious midrange was addictive.
Thanks to all.  One post reminded me of my early Empire Turntable (598?)  Still a classic look. 
"Had to chuckle at the multiple mentions of Acoustat... You see, I still HAVE my 1+1s Medallions from new. Never have been able to hear anything to get me to let them go. LOL"

Thanks for rubbing it in! Glad you have the space. The Model 6 had to go when I moved into a 10x12 room :-)
Some years back I had an old set of Spendor Prelude speakers, modest box speaker two ways.  I drove them with a small Naim amplifier and they were very pleasant to listen to.  Smooth and soothing when playing easy music, but could boogie too.  I miss those Spendors.  They weren't expensive either, I think 700 dollars back then.
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My most fond memory is discovering a dealership that sold all of my vintage speakers to me that is sadly not any longer in business but i can say that i am so happy that i found the dealership because i acquired dream sound that i would never want to be without.
SME III 3009 tonearm and Dynavector MC cartridge foolishly given away when I believed the perfect sound forever bs of compact discs...
Krell KSA50.  Changed amplifiers up two gears back in 1983.  Still have it in my system #2.
My Rectilinear 7 speakers from 1976.  I absolutely loved the speakers.  Then, the Kenwood Rep who I was very friendly with (used to buy my 420 from him) talked me into buying a custom made set of speakers his friend designed.  I went to the guys house to hear them and liked the looks and sound.   I sold the Rectilinears and when I got the custom speakers, they were nothing like the prototype. The cabinet was very different and unfinished and the speaker sounded like  pure s**t. I got taken big time.  The speakers cost me $1200 for the pair and in 1976, that was a lot of money. 
Stereo5, I made the mistake of selling all of my special pressing and MoFi, etc. LPs.....what a major mistake.  But one of the great things about many digital recordings....they help you loose interest in your system.... 

Perhaps beyond audio products, I sold some cars that would be fun to have back.  Porsche 944S2, Ferrari Dino, the first Lexus Coupe, '67 Stingray, Lotus Esprit, Volvo P-1800.....and too many others 

I was using a Zenith Mini-Wedge system for several years and had been visiting HiFi shops while out shopping with mom. Having a strong interest in music, the parents decided to let me get a proper system for my 11th or 12th birthday. This is what they purchased for my first true system (I picked it out). As nice as my current system is, I have very fond memories of where it all started which is around 40 years ago this week. 

JVC RX-40 receiver

JVC KD-D40 stereo cassette deck

Dual 508 turntable

JVC SEA-80 graphic equalizer (Christmas present that year)

Infinity RS-A speakers

Phillips CD100 - yup one one the originals because it seemed cool. 

Still have the 1st two CDs we purchased which were the first Asia album and the 2nd Berlin album "Love Life"

stereo54,919 posts07-16-2021 11:14amMy Rectilinear 7 speakers from 1976.  I absolutely loved the speakers.  Then, the Kenwood Rep who I was very friendly with (used to buy my 420 from him) talked me into buying a custom made set of speakers his friend designed.  I went to the guys house to hear them and liked the looks and sound.   I sold the Rectilinears and when I got the custom speakers, they were nothing like the prototype. The cabinet was very different and unfinished and the speaker sounded like  pure s**t. I got taken big time.  The speakers cost me $1200 for the pair and in 1976, that was a lot of money.

Gee...who would have guessed buying from a dope dealer would be a bad idea?

Cello Audio Palette - an amazing piece of gear. The one product I regret selling the most. It needed to be placed within easy reach of the listening position (I had a custom coffee table) to get the most out of it.

Krell MDA-300 monoblocks - sweet sound but boy did they run hot.

Revel Ultima Gems - these were Revel's first speakers and I had one of the first pair made. They didn't play very low, but from 50Hz up, they were excellent. 

Magneplaner Tympani IV - they needed a big room and a lot of power, but when set up well, they did a lot of things right. 
Wish I hadn’t sold the LS3/5A decades ago.  Well or the Dahlquest dq10s that replaced them.
PBN Montana SP2 and original Von Schweikert VR4 Silvers are two speakers I really enjoyed.

I always had a soft spot for the AI Modulus 3a. So much so that I owned it three times over the years.


My Phase Linear 400 and my Acoustats.  I had the first ten years and the latter 25 years, with others coming and going, including Maggies and B&W.  Acoustats are selfish speakers, designed for one listener, but this hobby is a bit of self gratifying egoism..
Snell K-II speakers & stands
Audio Research LS-2B pre-amplifier
Audio Research Classic 60, V-70 & V-200 amplifiers
B&W Matrix 804 speakers with a Janis subwoofer
Aerial Acoustics 10T speakers
Pass Aleph 0's amplifier
Threshold FET 10E pre-amplifier
Threshold T-200 and T-400 amplifiers
Audio Quest Diamond balanced interconnects and Sterling speaker cables
MIT wires (too many to list)
Meridian 562v digital pre-amp, 518 / 565 processors
Theta Gen VA DAC
Theta Data III CD Transport
Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1 speakers
(not listed in chronological order)
All time favorites - Audio Research V-200 and Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1 speakers because they were the components that introduced me to disappearing speakers and the "reach out and grab it" 3D imaging :-) !
Though the Audio Research Classic 60 will always be "my first"