AS pressing of Weepin Willy

My buddy was in the mood for some blues the other night,so
I dusted off this 33rpm to listen to. I bought it from AS
a long time ago, and had not listened to it in years. What a great recording, and more importantly, great music. Susan Tedeschi and Mighty Sam McLain also contribute on several tunes, and are in fine form. IMHO, this is a winner all the way around, if blues is your thing.
Love the Blues.
I don't have that album, but I know what you mean when you hear a great Blues recording.
You must be refering to Weepin' Willie "At Last, On Time".
It is an excellent recording. Thanks for the reminder.
I just put it on tomorrows playlist.
Ska_man,That's the one, Thanks. I am no blues afficionado,but I found this one quite enjoyable. Susan Tedeschi is great,saw her live a couple of years ago, awesome show. I was hoping others would chime in w/ additional suggestions for good performance/recordings.