As I look at all these posts

I am amazed at how many cable companies there are. ..and that's not including the big boys...Audioquest, Cardas, Kimber, Purist, Nordost, etc. This must prove something....who knows?
It proves that it is very, very easy to manufacture a decent cable (using others' parts, or spec'ing out parts for others to manufacture), and that it's potentially very profitable. Even if only until the self-marketing momentum of the new company/product/gimmick wears off.
Easy to make cheaply, easy to sell for a big profit.
With no actual criteria other than puffery and word of mouth.. it is easy to become the cable of the month.. And make big money.
At least that is what all those folks getting into the cable business think.

Get all your friends to start posts about your cables.. Asking about them, sayingthey love them.. etc.
Easy. Just do not make it obvious. (Some folks just seemd to be too big on the cheerleading squad to be believable,)
Hey, just wait till ya get to all the speaker companies.

Nature abhors a vacuum. - Old audiophile expression
As Elizabeth mentioned, it is all about profit. As many double blind tests have shown over the last fifty years, high price has nothing to do with great sound. Yet, the low entry cost of making cables attracts new players, with ability to 'spin, spin, spin'. The availability to low cost producers in China has vastly expanded the roster of cable makers. If you are buying speaker cables, always compare the high price one against 12 gauge wire from Home Depot. Hey, all you have to lose is a few bucks and in the process avoid a costly mistake.
Liz may appreciate this. I refuse to pay alot for this muffler, metaphorically speaking. I've bought a bunch of custom I/Cs from Tom Tutay in Florida. Tom is well known and respected by many of our techie members.

Tom is very versatile. He designed a custom impedance buffer for me and as I just wrote sold me I/Cs to connect my phono pre to my line stage. Tom said the resistance and capacitance values of his cables are very low. His workmanship is impeccable and his prices reasonable.

If anyone wants to road test his cables, send me a message through A'gon and I'll pass along his telephone number. And no --- he doesn't have a web site or e mail. If you want to talk to him, you'll have to do it the old fashion way -- use the telephone. You know, that thing you lift off a receiver and you talk into the bottom of the hand set and listen at the top.

there are many manufacturers of other components as well.

i doubt there is a practical way to enumerate the number of companies producing each product type.

thus there is no way to easily determine which component has the most manufcturers.
Buconero....'it is all about profit.'.....what privately owned business isn't about
'profit'..sure there are a lot of cable makers. there are also many car
companies...many clothing manufacturers...many pizza parlors..many dog food
companies...all of them doing what they do for one reason..trying to make a
profit.Elizabeth..'easy to make cheaply, easy to sell for a big profit.'..if it's so
easy why don't you start your own cable company.? is cheap..starting your
own company, whatever it is, takes a lot of thought, hard work, sacrifice,
willingness to fail,which most people aren't willing to do, and usually, the
willingness to borrow a great deal of money.there are a lot of 'arm chair
quarterbacks ' in the world.
Wow how interesting .
The more companies and claims (true or false) there are, the more seeds of doubt there are regarding our present components and their abilities, etc. etc.
I have a different take on the cable makers. Outside of the big players Audioquest and Monster. I think the market is way over flooded and I think within the next couple of years a lot of these companies will go by the wayside. The guys that will survive are the ones that work out of their house and have no overhead.
Elizabeth, should you start your own cable company, please let me know. I would like to purchase some of your cables.
Calloway, I don't think any one here is arguing that it is wrong to make a profit on cables. I think Mulveling says it best.
I just thought I would put HiDiamond Cables in perspective for you since you have constantly dogged the company since day 1 but you have never owned or heard the line.
As the North American distributor we sold over 1600 HiDiamond Cables in a 1 year period and I personally have only seen 4 used cables come available. HiDiamond has 46 employees and has an actual technical process called 4VRC. The cables starts from the raw materials and combines purified cooper and Graphite. HiDiamond prefers to use XLPE rather then Teflon which helps to lower the amplitude of the sine wave which creates a more natural sound. The company is located in Anzio Rome and has been in business for 13 years.
We now sell on average 5-10 cables per day. As a distribution company I have never seen a line receive more buzz or sales then HiDiamond Cables. Not really sure where your comments come from but HiDiamond received 3 reviews this year and was at CES, Newport and TAVES?
New kid on the block LOL,lets see the ultimate one meter cable 4900.00,I can buy a used Arc ref 3 for that.
I wonder if my cat can rip these up to see whats really inside.
To me high fidelity an vd is the same nonsense.
trying to make a lot of money real fast at the expense of decent people.
Ripoff I say but some will pay,I know for a fact a few acoustic panels will outperform a interconnect or even a few ultimates,what a joke.
Big profit with wires. Relatively little needed to deliver a product. Who wouldn't want a piece of that?