As far as ease of use...which brand/model.....

As my other threads have stated...I am contemplating getting a table...but left out one important regards to "ease of use and operations"...what are the better "starter" tables...both new/used.. Thorens comes up...but have heard they are difficult to work on...any word on Projects or Musichalls?...I realize that all turntables are high maintenance(like women in this regard)...but would like to know if some are easier than others( women..)
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You actually have a lot of good choices these days. You have already named two of the brands that most of us A-gon regulars would recommend, but you should also include the Rega P3/P9/P25 models (all perform well, and are virtually idiot-proof), as well as the VPI HW-19 Jr. and HW-19 Mk3/4 and VPI Aries Scout ($1500 for both TT and tonearm).
Agree that Rega is decent sound and virtually idiot proof. A variety of price points.
I'm told Aries Scout is fussy