As a Lamm owner

I have been intrigued by Lars's observations in Ultimate Audio regarding the Aloia inductive amp and pre and their respective merits vs the Lamm gear, or any other amp/pre for that matter.(for those who have not seen it, he favorably compares a 12k aloia setup with his reference 52k lamm setup) I am seeing the Aloia all over this site and selling fairly inexpensively. What can those with experience tell me about these amps.
I have done some investigating and have only heard very positive comments from owners. I will of course form my own opinion based on personal experience with the product but would like to hear from others with experience and conjecture as to why these seem plentiful and it just that no one is yet aware of this product?
Glide you need to hear these. I thought I was listening to a good system(wolcott amps and CAT ultimate)and then a dealer asked me to give these Aloia's a listen. I couldn't believe how well these controlled the Dunlavy V's. This is the best sound I have heard yet. They are relatively new to the US. Aloia is one of the oldest manufacturers from Italy. 12K is not that inexpensive but compared to 52K it's a steal. Hurry up and give them a listen before the dealers push the price up
I recently purchased the amp and pre and think it is an incredible value especially at the used or demo prices.
I use Dunlavy Cantatas with them Tube sound but with more detail and bass. The decay is amazing.
I think you'll find it is typical audiophile purchasing habits that make a few pairs of these available on the used market.If you look closely there are only 1 or 2 pairs for sale used .Someone is leaving a sold pair listed and it may be a competitor trying to distract from all the good press.I have contacted several people and they never get back so they may not even have the units.These are special products and you should make an effort to audition them for yourself.There is a new model to be released soon with more power and also a cd player with inductive power.I've heard both and they are unreal.
Captain- Where did you hear the new Aloia amp and cd? When will they be released? How Much?