As a home theater system do you recommend?

Hello everybody, I'm new to the forum!

I go right to the point: I have to buy an HT system, and we do not understand almost nothing.
I see you on this forum there are many users and experts believe is the right place in order to form an idea about the choices to make and product to buy.
I have a budget of 400, max 500 € ...
I wish there was a bluray player.

Thank you in advance for the advice.
Good day!

To start I post a one images :
(1) can you please define what constitutes your HT "system" ?
For example, is it ALL of the electronics, the Bluray player, the speakers, and the cables? Or do already have some 2-channel audio gear that you want to expand into a multi-channel HT rig?

(2) Given your suggested budget strata, are you content with a basic TV sound bar and subwoofer HT kit , or are you actually targeting a 2.1 vs. a full 5.1 vs a full 7.1 (or better) HT multi-channel setup?

without prejudice to any of the foregoing, your modest budget cap of €400-€500 will invariably indeed trigger key compromises, including inter alia:
(a) eliminate anything above a sound bar / sub TV-top kit or a 2.1 "HT-in-a-box" kit from a big box store for new complete systems;
(b) predicate a pre-owned selection arena rather than any new equipment purchase options if it's ad hoc components you are considering;
(c) other significant compromises beyond further detailed comment until the key questions above are answered.