Arye VX-R Twenty or Pass X 250.8

Im in the process of upgrading my Music Fidelity M6si and I have narrowed my decision down to these amps, VX-R or 250.8. I have always wanted the latest Pass Amp after reading so many positive reviews on the .8 series over the original X series, I had the original X350 many hears ago and thought it was a bit sterile being a tube man in those days. As Equipment at the time was Wadia 861, AR REf1, Dunlavy SC 4A,s. Sold the X350 and replaced it with Papsworth Audio M200,s music to my ears.

I have been out of audio for some 16 years and was trying to get back in with just a simple system but thats not working out to well especially since I just bought the new Arye QX 5 Twenty after reading so many reviews and wow "phenomenal "so that has me considering the VX-R. Both units have the wow factor with the slight edge going to the Pass with the meter in the front which is very cool, the Arye has that beautiful block of machined aluminum looking incredible. Speaker Dynaudio Special 25,s, room size 6 meters X 10 meters , 3.2 meter ceilings . My current hopes are to run the Arye QX 5 straight into the Amp.

Of course I well be hearing them but just wanted some thoughts from those who have heard both.


Congratulations on the QX-5 Twenty.

I have the Ayre MX-R Twenty amps and they are DESTINATION amps for me. My favorite bar none. I hope to add the QX-5 someday and well as an Ayre preamp.

While DACs direct to amps can be wonderful, I ALWAYS prefer a preamp in the chain. DACs direct can be too much of a good thing. Adding a preamp can give more bloom and musicality while still retaining detail. The QX-5 may be different but you may want to experiment with a preamp.

As good as the Pass may be in your system, I know the VX-R Twenty will be off the hook great.

I am not familiar with the X250.8 but two friends have the X350.8 and it is a stunner. You should at least hear that one. I also have XA60.8's and love them, but the amps that I always go to for long term satisfaction are the MX-R Twenty.