Artists you feel you can rely on, buy any new album unheard.

 Now I've stopped upgrading, the music forum is my first port of call when I bring up the Audiogon site. There are so many discussions with different wording, but the same aim, to pass onto other readers our particular enthusiasms.

 So if you're flicking through your Ipad looking for inspiration on the server, or idly checking physical albums, what artist or musician makes you stop? Most of us have favourites, where all their discs are a good listen, no duds, what are yours?

 There is no limit on genre, except maybe popular not classical. I love classical too, but it will get too complex. So Jazz, Blue Grass, Singer Songwriter, Covers artists, folk, rock etc. I'll start with my suggestions, in no particular order. Partly because the order would be different next week anyway. If anyone asks for a good starting album, I will make a suggestion, perhaps other responders can do the same.

Alison Kraus,
Shawn Colvin, 
Nina Simone,
Gregory Porter,
Frank Sinatra, of course,
Kate Rusby
Jonatha Brooke
Stacey Kent,
Antonio Forcione 
Paul Carrack
Paul Rogers
Eliza Gilkyson
Joni Mitchell
Sara K

 I look forward to exploring your suggestions.

napalm death

 among 100 other metal bands!

 Never disappointed!
always great!

I dunno if dead artists count as new. The problem with great artists is that almost always they live long enough to make some garbage. Few exceptions. You gotta be really dedicated to love an artist at their worst!
Dead artists certainly count, anybody at all. Certainly a lot of names I could of put on my list too, but many new ones as well for me to explore.

 As an aside about dead artists, in the later stages of the Leningrad siege, in late 1943 I think, Shostakovich wanted to premier his great Leningrad symphony in the city. There was a struggle to get the survivors of the symphony orchestra together for the concert, which went out on the cities loudspeaker. They eventually found the percussionist in the morgue, but he wasn't quite dead, so they warmed him up again and he played in the concert. A German officer who heard it, said he realised then that they were going to lose the war.

 My wife is from the city and my mother in law one of the few siege survivors still alive The state recently commemorated the 80th anniversary of the start of the siege in 41. All irrelevant to the thread I know, but thought the story was interesting.
Queens of the Stone Age
Nine Inch Nails
Dead Can Dance
Lonely Robot
Florence and the Machine