Artists that sound alike - your best match-up

Today I picked up a 2 CD set - The Essential Etta James. After listening to a couple of tracks like: I Prefer You and It Must Be Your Love I had to check and see if somehow my iTunes had flipped over to Janis Joplin. Honestly I couldn't tell the difference.

Have you had a similar listening experience.
Greg Lake and John Wetton!!!
Joni Mitchell and Colleen Brown.
I've actually mistaken one for the other...
Steve Tyrell and Dr. John
Al Stewart and Jose Gonzalez
Freddie Mercury and Tom Waits.
I recently had the iTunes shuffle thing going while I was doing some other stuff around the house. One tune stopped me. I thought it was one of those Velvet Underground oddities from the box set, but when I checked the computer, it was Jonathan Richman! Right. Sure. Of course. Lou Reed's bastard son.
Paul McCartney and Phil Keagy
Yoko Ono and me, (well, at least my fingernails on a chalk board).
String Cheese Incident and The Grateful Dead
Robert Zimmerman and Bob Dylan.
Godsmack (Sully Erna) & Metallica (James Hetfield)
Dave Mathews and John Mayer

Patti Smith and Prince

Harry Nilsson and Gilbert O'Sullivan (How's that for obscure...)

Dan Cafferty (On the Dark Side) and Bruce Springsteen

Dan Hartman (I Can Dream About You) and Darryl Hall
Great Lake Swimmers sound like early Neil Young
Reg Dwight and Elton John.
Bon Jovi and John Francis Bongiovi, Jr
Sting and Gordon Sumner
Sid Vicious and Simon John Ritchie
jack white sometimes sounds exactly like robert plant
Dusty Springfield and Janis Joplin...
Yoko Ono and Frank Sinatra.
To me, a lot of 90's rock bands all sound like Pearl Jam :p
Paul McCartney and Phil Keaggy. I don't like Phil's singing, but he happens to be one of the best guitarist's on the planet and killed Jimmy Page during the same era.
Celine Dion and my neighbor's pet parrot.
Axl Rose and Janis Joplin
05-31-09: Audiofeil
Celine Dion and my neighbor's pet parrot.

Since when did moderators allow cruel comments about pets on this site?
Axl Rose and Ethel Merman.
Younger Rod Stewart and Louis Armstrong. Bob Dylan now and the Wookie from Star Wars.
Keith Richards and a braying jackass(if the jackass has a cold)
Tpreaves, LMAO!

Anita Baker and a Moose in heat.

Diana Krall and a Glass of Water saturated with Saccharin.
I would say that based on the actions and choices he made for most of his life, Keith Richards could easily be classified as a jackass.
So sad to see all the rude comments.

What's the difference between a moose and the Lawrence Welk orchestra?
On a moose, the horns in the front and the ass in the back.
good one, Oregon.
...aint that the truth...

and Audiofeil, freddy and tom?? What the heck man, have you bananas is your ears!?!?!? IMMHOO.
Okay, I've got another one. Bjork and two cats copulating!!