Artists that deserve box sets

It seems this Christmas we are being inundated by repackaging and box set treatments for old albums. Some of the remastering work has been terrific, but some of the packages appear to be simply exercises in greed. I was wondering what artists the Agon community believes to be worthy of the box set treatment. I am not talking about a greatist hits collection. I want unreleased tracks, live cuts,and alternative versions mixed in with the established tunes. In some cases I want to cull the selection down from huge cataloges of work. My candidates are: The Connells, William Clarke, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Charles Brown,Widespread Panic, and Gene Harris.
My candidates are bellow and they're great artists and actors!

Buster Keaton,
Kirk Duglas,
Clint Eastwood,
Joanne Crowford,
William Powell.
I would like to see a good box set for:
Cowboy Junkies
Dire Straits
Peter Gabriel
Van Morrison
Doobie Bros.

just to name a few.

By the way Marakanez there is a Clint Eastwood Box set out from Warner Bros
It doesn't appear to have the early Westerns but I have seen another set that has those.
Joni Mitchell. alternate versions, Outtakes, snippets, studio chatter, rehearsals, live cuts -- I want it all.
I think an R.E.M. box set would sell very well. Also, Allman Bros, Chris Isaak and Nanci Griffith. I would buy box sets from Dire Straits and Van Morrison on the first day they were available.
......the Allman Brothers and Doobie Brothers do in fact have box sets available. I would like to see a box set from Pat Methany or maybe from JJ Cale
I'd love to see the old Metallica albums get remastered - Kill 'Em All through ...And Justice For All. Great music IMO that diserves better sound quality. I bought them on standard vinyl, and they were decent. I'd love a clean, high-res version of them. Maybe they could get the treatment that the Floyd CDs recently got? Most likely will never happen, but hey, I can dream.
I was thinkin Panic too, great call! Govt Mule would be on my list, Tom Petty, The Clash, and Fleetwood Mac (if all 20+ albums were included)
Van Morrison for gosh sakes. His catalog is way too fragmented.
King Crimson!
Stephen Stills
For acting/
Walter Brennan / Love to see a box set on one of the greatest character actors of his day.

Music/ Al Dimeola

The Foo Fighters
El Camaron/Paco de Lucia. Legendary flamenco performers.

I was wondering what you mean by "too fragmented."

Thank you.
Its just his lyrics that are lol
Stephen Stills would be a great choice. There are lots of fragments around as well as his work with several super groups. It would be similar to his CD, "Just Roll Tape."
Gerry Rafferty-since many of his recordings are out of print.
The Box Tops
Pink Floyd

This presumes that, at long last, the band would be prepared to at last release some of the rarities that have never surfaced legally. I don't want yet another re-hash of album tracks, probably remastered yet again, or spurious live versions. There must be enough material in the vaults to merit the endeavour and it's unfathomable that the band cannot see that the demand for this would be huge. I know they probably can't be bothered and certainly don't need the money but it's we who put them where they are and it's not really asking too much for a set of rare, unreleased tracks ......... is it?