Artists One Should Know

Folks, if you've not heard Bill Callahan AKA (Smog) or Jason Molina, the front man for Magnolia Electric Co. you really are missing out.

These fine artists, (Jason passed last year), are the essence of what I want/need as a listener.

Emotional, personal, introspective... they are the embodiment of what I'd say is "An artist' artist".
+1. I find Bill to be very interesting and talented. And for me, Jason is captivating. To me, he was a most special kind of artist, able to convey emotions in a most haunting way. For newcomers to Jason Molina I suggest picking up "The Magnolia Electric Co" 2013 re-release from Secretly Canadian label. Two discs, basically the same songs. One disc with full band - these can really rock. Remeniscent of Crazy Horse. The other disc is demo versions of the same songs, so stripped down and acoustic. With these two discs you get a great perspective of Jason and his talent: one rocks; one haunts. Superb stuff.
Biblically speaking, I lean a bit to Claudine Longet.
Thanks for the heads up, I will buy that CD.
Viridian you have to watch out for girls with guns!
Richard Thompson. #19 on Rolling Stone all-time guitar players. But he is a great songwriter and singer also. Folk-Rock with, often, scorching guitar work. Mock Tudor, The Old Kit Bag, Rumor & Sigh. Newer stuff - Electric, Dream Attic, Sweet Warrior. For a great one with his ex-wife Linda Thompson, Shoot Out the Lights.
Callahan is excellent. One artist who I think has been consistently producing great work for many years is Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters. Earl is a Boston based blues guitar slinger who can play many diverse styles. His latest cd "True Stories" is fantastic.
Slaw- you are correct. Bill Callahan is a pure unadulterated musical genius. I heard Dongs of Sevotion first and have been on a Callahan vinyl buying rampage since. I vow to have everything he has put to wax if i can find it.
I saw Bill C. at SXSW some years back. It was in a nice-sounding church with Joanna Newsom on piano and Elizabeth Warren (no, not THAT Elizabeth Warren) on violin. Very impressive all-around.