Artist you now like that you discovered through your streaming service

I have listened to more music and have discovered many new (to Me) artists
since I started using Tidal - that is what I enjoy most about streaming.

Here are of few I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Alex Skolnick Trio - Electric Jazz Guitar
Aaron Parks - Jazz Piano & Fusion
Beth Hart - Blues Vocals
Imelda May - Blues Vocals
Bugge Wesselt - Contemporary Jazz from Norway
Christian McBridge - Contemporary Jazz Bass
Kat Edmonson - Jazz / Pop Vocals
Joey Alexander - Contemporary Jazz Piano
Khruangbin - Instrumental Music - hard to describe
Michael Kiwanuka - Soulful Singer Song Writer
Til Bronner - Contemporary Jazz Trumpet

Share your streaming only New finds.

There are just SO many!
But just this year alone.....

Blind Ego
Joann Shaw Taylor
Sue Foley
Puss N Boots
Samantha Fish
Ana Popovic
Aaron Parks

And oh so many more my head spins.

One of the reasons I love streaming!

Thanks I'll check out your list for sure. 
Add to your list whenever you feel the need to share and I'll do the same.

Enjoy the music!
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I listen, almost religiously, every week to the Discover Weekly playlist that Spotify pushes to me. I've probably discovered 100 artist that I would not have otherwise heard (except maybe on Radio Paradise). Here are a few of my discoveries:

The Belfast Cowboys
Motel Mirrors
Jonathan Richman
Silver Jews
The Hold Steady
Clem Snide
Alejandro Escovedo
The Feelies
The Suitcase Junket
The Glands
Kyle Craft
Quiet Life
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Conor Oberst
Cass McCombs
Rhett Miller
Guadalcanal Diary

Great thread, as one of the many hold outs of streaming my music, I have never had the onvies (Cajun word for the wants) to do so and have and will always favor my music in physical format of CD and albums. With all that said, I retired 7 years ago and my habits change, with that my sources for new music and artist have kind of disappeared, at this point I need to get that new stuff back in my life and streaming seems like the answer. Thanks for bringing it up. Enjoy the music
Thanks everyone for sharing new finds...I couldn’t agree anymore. Streaming has opened up a doorway to many more musician that were previously unknown to me. Keep them coming....I will post some of my finds this weekend.

@tooblue, thanks for keeping an open mind. Like you, I still listen to lot of CD’s but also enjoy the convenience of accessing infinite music albums and artists through the Qobuz app.
It certainly is refreshing to see some minds are open and receptive, kudos to those members.

If you had mentioned streaming to me 3 years ago I would have laughed out loud at you.
Then I did some research and then bought a Bluesound Vault2i.
Never looked back!

Still play records and CD and cassette tapes as well.
dougsat and uberwaltz,  a couple albums you might enjoy in the blues vein are:
Rosie Flores - Simple Case of the Blues
My favorite for blues album of 2019.  And:

Various - If You're Going To The City - A Tribute To Mose Allison
Some really good performances of some great songs.
Just today Danielle Nicole. 'Cry No More ' is her newest album.What a wonderful bluesy vocalist!She popped up on a FB blues page that I follow.
And better add ...
Trampled Under Foot to the list.

Three piece consisting of Danielle and two brothers.
Excellent stuff!
Lynne Arriale
Thelonius Monk
Thad Jones
Jamie Saft

I'd heard of Monk and Thad Jones for over 45 years, but had never heard any of their recordings.

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Radio Paradise is my all day daily driver. Heard so much good music unbelievable. I have purchased nearly 20 CDs since listening to RP. Tooblue, Radio Paradise is a great place to start, it is free, on your computer or smart phone. I like RP because it is real people putting the tunes out, and, it has a ’play something different’, if a song annoys. Flac is also available. I use the headphone out to my pre. They play everything from Bob Wills to Greig and Ravel, no rap, tho. They used to be located in Paradise, CA. they moved to AZ prior to the town burning up. Oh, no adverts, except the rare donation drive for themselves. They also play very obscure, overlooked musicians and their music.
+1 on RP.
Between that and Spotify for casual listening you are likely to need not much more.
But if it becomes a sickness there is always then Qobuz hires......
Art Blakey
Just to name a’s been a complete blast actually.....

Oh, and the latest UB40 album “For the many” is fantastic both in sound quality and performance.......probably the best album they have ever put out imho!
Mazzy Star, Lana Del Rey,Lorde, Cigarettes After Sex, Kaleo, King Princess and Peach Pit
Elvis is living on Mars along with Michael Jackson and Hitler.
Every one knows that!
Some recent favourites:

Kyle Eastwood - Paris Blue
Don Cherry - Art Deco
Francis Cabrel - (anything)
Bo Kaspers Orkester - 10 latar live
Cécile Varny Quartet - Memory Lane
Avi Kaplan - I’ll Get By

Unfortunately no new hard rock. Black Sabbath forever...

Thx for the great Mose Allison album.

Spotify Discover is my weapon of choice.  Too many to count, but here are some...
Cate Le Bon- Reward
Big Thief- UFOF
Mathew Halsall-Into Forever 2
Moderator-Sinners Syndrome
Djrum-Portrait With Firewood
Agnes Obel-Late Night Tales and Citizens of Glass
The Pretty Things-SF Sorrow
The Cleaners From Venus
Vashti Bunyan-Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
Richard Houghten-All Guitars
Kikagu Moyo-Masana Temple and House in the Tall Grass
+1 on Lynne Arriale, mitch4t.  I'm always surprised that this jazz pianist is not more well known.
uberwaltz10,036 posts03-05-2020 10:52pmNah.
Elvis is living on Mars along with Michael Jackson and Hitler.
Every one knows that!

What (evil things) did Elvis do to justify putting him in the same place as Michael Jackson and Hilter?

What (evil things) did Elvis do to justify putting him in the same place as Michael Jackson and Hilter?
Hmm, lets see now.... Oh yes... he sang!

Sorry should not speak ill of the dead I know but so NOT an Elvis fan I am afraid!
Anyways all brevity aside this is a great thread and let's keep it that way.
No more wisecrack from myself, I promise.

Keep all the new stuff coming, I'm having a field day researching them all!
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Too many to count.
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis,
Josh Smith
Sean Costello
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


to name just a few

Also, add Internet Radio to the ways we can access new artists
Seems like the whole world might like to eliminate some sort of carbon
*G* Well, ask and ye shall receive....

Samantha Fish
Crystal Method
M/A/R/R/S (...went looking for this one....)
Tasmin Archer
Doyle Bramhall II
Ellen McIlwaine
Martyn Bennett
Aphex Twin
Lee Ranaldo
The Jayhawks
Stabbing Westward
Grant Heart (Nobody Rides For Free)
J.S. Ondara

...and, of course, the infamous....

...which finishes like you'd expect.....;)

Monophonics !!!  If you like the 60' 70's soul vibe check them out. The are super talented.   They have a new CD called " It's Only Us " is great ,  " Sound of Sinning " is the best CD I've bought in a while.  " In your brain" and "Mirrors" are excellent too.
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I had taken a few years off except for Sirius XM

I chose to get a streamer and have been able to explore complete catalogs. Some new some old

Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Concerts
Rufous du Sol
Bob Moses
Dennis Lloyd
Billy Strings
Sturgill Simpson
Brian Culbertson
Joni Mitchell catalog
Glass Animals
Buddy Miller
War on Drugs
Ronda Vincent
Do you want more?