artist touring entire old albums

roger waters is doing year two with the wall. ian/tull did aqualung and will be doing thick as a brick , van did astral weeks, tom waits did rain dogs. i am not looking for your opinions on the subject but if there are any artist you would like to perform works in their entirety.

i would like to see supertramp (with roger) doing crime of the century, ben harper do fight for your mind. the blind boys of alabama doing spirit of the century, rush doing moving pictures and los lobos do kiko
I would love to hear Tiny Tim do the "I've Never Seen a Straight Banana" LP in it's entirety but, alas, he's no longer with us.
Boston/Boston and Don't Look Back, Kansas-Point of Know Return and Leftoverture, Todd Rudgren-Something/Anything.

Just to get started...
Miles Davis doing Bitches Brew and Pangaea/Agharta and John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra doing Inner Mounting Flame and Visions Of The Emerald Beyond.
Love to see Charlie Parker do Complete Dial Sessions.
Rush did do the entire Moving Pictures this year on tour.

dire straits brothers in arms. or bach do anything. haha
Monkees/Best of the Monkees
Roger Waters is back at the trough again.

Who's opening for him, Chubby Checker and Neil Sedaka?

I'd be first on line for "Something/Anything" and "Kiko". I'd also love to see Tweedy, Ferrar and the boys re-up for "No Depression", World Party do "Goodbye Jumbo", The Reivers do "End of the Day", and The New Radicals regroup for "Brainwashed". My choices represent records that I love but never saw performed in a meaningful way. I've seen World Party do bits from Jumbo and Los Lobos do bits from Kiko, but only bits. Todd has done so much stuff that older material gets short shrift. Even on his recent "hits" tour, there were only a few songs from "Something/Anything". The Radicals, The Reivers, and Uncle Tupelo all broke up before I got a chance. There are many, many more where these came from.