Artist definitive statement

I was listening to Gram Parker's album, Squeezing Out Sparks, his definitive masterpiece, and it got me thinking about other artist's defining moments in their career. Not their best selling product or the most commercial but the one that gives us the most insight into their talent, Tom Petty, Damn the Torpedo's, Bruce Springsteen, Darkness on the Edge of Town, The Police, Ghost in the Machine are examples. What about guys as varied as Miles Davis, Garth Brooks, the Kinks, Prince, etc....
Hehe Nazareth Hair of the Dog... Y'all don't Mess With...
I am not sure they had ANY other moments, but that was a bitching song. Don't know why I thought of that first..

Aerosmith should have defining moments of the decade, because they keep reinventing themselves every 10 years..

Prince has to be Purple Rain, the insights and personal history, the rivalries, I found it fascinating.

Grover Washington... who didn't make out to Just the Two of Us?

The first time you hear Diana Krall on a decent stereo

Flimm and BBs... Big Notes, what a fabulous album

Rush 2112 quick, name a different album they did

Nirvana Teen Spirit

Nine Inch Nails... Closer... anybody not you know, to that song?

enough for now...