Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"

Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"

I am sharing this for those with an interest. I no longer have vinyl, but I find the issues involved in the debates to be interesting. This piece raises interesting issues and relates them to philosophy, which I know is not everyone's bag. So, you've been warned. I think the philosophical ideas here are pretty well explained -- this is not a journal article. I'm not advocating these ideas, and am not staked in the issues -- so I won't be debating things here. But it's fodder for anyone with an interest, I think. So, discuss away!
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@wuwulf ,

You are making the classic mistake, no offence, of assuming that because something is preferred (by some), that it must be inherently more accurate. That could not be farther from the truth, and would be true for most forms of human perception whether that the sound reproduction, image reproduction, lighting, etc.

Most people will prefer a slightly over-saturated unnatural photograph to one that reveals the most accurate colors. People, on average, when they are looking at faces, prefer lighting that is unnaturally "warm".  Why should we expect any different for audio?  Many people crank their bass up a bit if they can. Many soften the treble (if they can). Vinyl introduces a whole host of colorations, the end result obviously being favorable to a large group of people.  There is no need to try to make up arguments about some unknown property that makes it more accurate. It is simply pleasant colorations that appeal to a group of people, sometimes coupled with a mix/master that is superior to the digital one.
There is no pure reproduction of an original event witout lost of information...There exist only a recreation...An analog one and/or a digital one.

Accuracy of the digital format has nothing to do with the accurate perception of timbre by the ears...

What some call subjective, almost useless, or inessential delusion, or at best only "pleasant coloration", is a specific mathematical acoustical concept and a definite concrete event in the acoustic domain and in the musical domain ; timbre. and timbre can be judged only by the human ears for the time being.... 😁

Perhaps then some people prefering vinyl live through an experience that is not so much a delusion, or even a taste, but a better timbre evaluation with the right audio system rightfully embedded...

Generalization about group of people are not always enlightening...Sometimes divisive...
As humans we are organic/analogue - digital is not that. I just accept the advantages of each format although I was in the larger group that preferred vinyl.

Are you aware of any DACs that output "digital". Last time I checked they all outputted analog. They just happen to output analog far better than the vinyl. Funny that huh?

Are you aware of any DACs that output "digital". Last time I checked they all outputted analog. They just happen to output analog far better than the vinyl. Funny that huh?
Dont mock him....

You confused the multiple possible and relative choices of a set of recording analog microphones with the real TIMBRE analog event in the live performance...No microphone restitute the original timbre event...This complete event lived before Nyquist theorem can apply to translation technology, from the microphone waveform incomplete translation of the initial event to the digital domain by the engineer inevitable trade-off choices before and during the translation....Simple acoustic science...

All analog events are not equal, the ears is not a microphone.... Is it surprizing?
jollytinker, the math is perfect, it is the implementation that is the problem.
Your M Scaler up sampler especially when used with the Dave comes close to perfect implementation but not quite. Brilliant device. I'm thinking about using one between my computer and my processor. 
This argument is over subjective human evaluation of sound. Whales and bottle nose dolphins are much better at this than we are. It is silly to get emotional about this. Get emotional when your kid falls of the bicycle. 
Trying to shoot the messenger (audio2design) is rather childish. 
Some of us like Vinyl, some of us like Digital, some of us like both. There is no crime here. You like blue and I like green. Are we going to kill each other over this?
The article fails because it is trying to make science out of a subjective opinion and the author has very limited understanding of the problem.