Article in LA Times about new "CODE" format

There was an interesting article in the LA Times last saturday about a "new" digital format for music called "CODE". They talked about John Mellenamp, Neil Young and a couple others trying to bring back the softer sound & uncompressed signal of analog to the digital arena. I see Mellencamp's newest CD/DVD has been issued in CODE. The only caveat is the music is on a DVD not a CD. His new CD comes with both I believe. Kind of an interesting article. Thought this would be of interest to the "goners". I did a quick search on AGON and didn't see any info on it.
Appears to 96/24 stereo which all dvd players can handle (maybe not output via digital)Don't understand why Burnett is calling it a new format. I'm all for uncompressed hi-rez tunes, just seems silly to call it new. Hope it brings awareness of hi-rez recording & the heavy compression used in pop recordings. Drawback is few folks have hi-end dvd players with a good analog output section. I've listened the Mellencamp release in both "formats", unfortunately my 7.5k redbook CD player beats the pants off my 2k DVD player & the CD sounds better in my system...
Audio blu-ray is the future, so don't invest in this format.
This is just the higher resolution 24/96 PCM two channel format. It should play in any DVD player or Blu-ray player. This is likey the format used in the studio (although they might use 24/192 in the studio). In any case, there will be no further dithering etc to make the 16/44.1 version - so in theory you should have as good as what they have in the studio.

The big difference is that they aren't charging SACD or DVD-A multi-channel prices for it - same price as a regular CD.

Chesky, Classic records and others were making stuff like this for years.