Artemis Labs LA-1: Anybody ever audition it?

I have read some very postive reviews of the Artemis Labs LA-1 linestage. However, like always I take professional reviews with a very "big grain of salt", and seek out the opinions of my fellow GON members.

So, has any one seriouly listened to the Artemis Labs piece? If so, what was your impression of it's performance? Do any of you now have it in your system and if so, what did it replace and why?

Thanks, for any information that you can share.
When I "review" a product I buy it with my own money. I do not do industry loans and I receive no accommodation pricing. That way I am a consumer, like you, and it keeps influences and motives out of reach.

That said, the LA-1 has an energy to it that makes the music bound with energy that more approximates live. It has clarity and emotion. It is a fast preamp. It sure keeps my foot tapping. If you are looking for the usual tube attributes, this preamp might not be for you. I have just purchased a digital processor/preamp and it sounds so slow and polite as just a pure preamp compared to the LA-1. You wouldn't think that would be the case with a digital processor/preamp.

Good luck.

John Mazur
I heard the Artemis Labs LA-1 preamp at an audio show (I know not the best conditions) where they had it paired with Nuforce monoblock amps and Harbeth HL-5 speakers. They used a high end turntable with the Artemis Phono preamp and a couple nice digital sources. I thought it was the best I ever heard the Nuforce amps and that is counting several systems including my own with many different high end tube preamps. This is a seriously good sounding preamp and if I go back to using one it would be on my short list.

I recommend getting to hear one if you have the chance. I believe the tubes are designed to have a very extended lifetime before needing replacement. Good luck in your search.
go and buy it.. i comparison with the Ayre K-1 Preamp and the atremis lab it was better it had more warm sound the only problem it is not remote